Pragmatic and thought-out

David Shimwell

Franchise Recruitment Manager, Rainbow International

Rainbow International is a leading UK franchisor that specialises in cleaning and restoration. We were called upon to help overcome the old ‘man in a van’ perceptions of the brand and attract budding franchisees into the network.

Why did Rainbow need MYC?

Having lost faith in their previous agency, Rainbow International needed a new, enhanced approach to their outreach. Their objectives were to:

  • Establish Rainbow in a competitive marketplace
  • Demonstrate Rainbow’s unique approach to franchising
  • Raise awareness of the brand and its value proposition
  • Attract quality and diverse talent for franchise territories
  • Build an engaged following on social media

A strategy for long-term success

Our team were initially tasked with revitalising Rainbow’s prospectus, given to anyone interested in a territory. Existing efforts weren’t effectively qualifying applicants by conveying the client’s USPs and outlining their expectations. We worked closely with their Franchise Recruitment Manager to understand the organisation’s model, recruitment process and ideal candidate.

A compelling prospectus was produced, and we were brought on board to bring the rest of Rainbow’s marketing in line. We supported the launch of their new website, before executing a full social media management plan backed by regular blogs to help them evolve with the changing franchise landscape. To target potential franchisees, we also implemented paid advertisements on Google and Facebook.

As their monthly site traffic grew and more territories sold, we introduced Rainbow to our trusted SEO partners, Tecmark, to accelerate growth. Their ongoing efforts allowed us to write content that improved the site’s search engine ranking at a local and national level.

Franchisors at the forefront of their industry

By partnering with us, Rainbow has created and sustained an engaged audience, as well as a fruitful marketing strategy. This led to:

  • The successful sale of almost all available Rainbow territories
  • Rainbow becoming the best performing brand-only franchise recruitment site on Google
  • 263% YOY increase in new users (organic) to the website
  • 23% YOY increase in visits to the website’s blog section
  • 37% decrease in bounce rate
  • Over 2,500 engaged followers on Facebook

Buying a franchise should be an escape from the rat race – and, thanks to our help, it’s been just that for many of Rainbow’s newest recruits. As franchising reshapes further, we’ll continue to work closely with Rainbow and their recruitment team.

MYC can craft a content strategy that hits all your objectives – whether you’re looking to raise awareness, boost conversions, or achieve anything in between. Find out more about how we work by contacting our team today .

Franchise Recruitment Manager, Rainbow International

“If you are exploring the possibility of working with MYC you probably have a problem that needs solving, just as I did. Their honest assessment of your present situation may not be what you want to hear, but the pragmatic and thought-out solution will allow you to speak in a language your customers understand and in places they will see you, giving chances to convert sales that otherwise would have eluded you before.”


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