Content management

You’ve nailed your content – now to get it seen. From navigating your WordPress backend to triple-checking your emails before sending, we’ll make sure that what you’ve got to say is delivered with maximum impact.

Get your message heard

Constantly finding that content hits a bottleneck within your organisation, and something that was produced last week still hasn’t seen the light of day? 

We’re committed to working alongside brands at every step to convey their messaging clearly and effectively. That’s why we provide content management as an agency as well as managed email marketing – taking that message and getting it out there through whatever platform stands between you and your audience.

How we support content and email marketing management

Not only will we ensure every piece is proofed or edited as needed, but we’ll also set it up to get the right results following upload and publication.

Proofreading and editing

Whether you need a keen eye to go over your content or require more substantial changes (such as a new format or fresh tone of voice), we’ve got you covered.

From checking the likes of spelling and grammar to guaranteeing consistency across pieces, we’ll ensure emails and website content such as blogs are publish-ready.

Managed email marketing

No more sweating over that send button. We’ll upload your emails to platforms like Mailchimp and SendGrid, perform tests, and run these by any relevant parties in your business if necessary.

As part of our managed email marketing services, we’ll also send and schedule when the copy goes out. And we can report back on key metrics, too, using these insights for future refinements and optimisations.

WordPress and blog uploads

We’ll do your content justice, making sure it’s formatted and optimised so that it looks great live and works hard for your business. Whether you use WordPress or another content management system, we’ll upload everything from blogs to landing pages – as and when you need. 

This includes adding images (our own designs or otherwise), meta descriptions, and any tags or categories. We’ll then publish or schedule your content to start racking up visits from your audience.




“The Making You Content team has a talent for inspiring ideas and encouraging us to think outside of the box.”

Capsule - Emma Waterman-Flynn

“MYC has a very collaborative workflow, making sure we’re always aligned and on target.”

WRS - Melissa Walsh