Campaign planning

Campaigns deserve the same strategic planning as your business-as-usual marketing. With a focused approach, you get the best out of your budget for a product launch, events calendar, lead-generation exercise, or whatever your project might be.

A step-by-step strategy for lasting impressions

Coming up with a new product or planning an event takes a lot of work – and that’s just the half of it. Your brand could have the potential to change lives, or your event might be the highlight of the year – but without the right promotional strategy in place, you risk no one ever knowing about it.

With all the different content options and platforms available, it can be difficult to know where to start with your marketing campaign. The key is developing a course of action that matches your customers’ journey. During our campaign strategy planning, we’ll propose content that works for each step – whether they’re learning, thinking, or deciding.

Different types of strategic campaign planning

What works like magic for another brand might not be a winning formula for you. That’s why we adopt a customised approach when it comes to planning marketing campaigns – collaborating closely with your team to develop a unique strategy that not only meets your specific objectives but aligns with your goals and values.

Whitepaper campaigns

Looking to position your brand as an authority on subjects your customers care about? Whatever form it takes – industry analysis, research paper, or technical guide – whitepapers can be a great way to turn your knowledge into collateral that positions your product or service as a solution.

We’ll help you firm up a whitepaper topic, gather data and research, framework the document, arrange the design, and plan out the supporting promotions – taking it from a solid piece of content to an impactful campaign.

Event marketing

Whether you’re planning a webinar series, roadshow, roundtable, or exhibiting at an event, we’ll make sure you get the attention you deserve. 

Our event marketing campaign planning maximises impact by covering all bases – from assets that help promote the event to communications that keep people talking long after it’s over.

New product / service launches

So, you’ve got an amazing product. How do you communicate what it can do for your customer? We’ll help map out a go-to-market plan, from key sales assets through to supporting copy. 

Ultimately, you’ll be left with a launch strategy that introduces the product or service to your prospects, as well as clients with upsell potential, with a variety of tactics.

Lead-generation campaigns

When done right, lead-generation campaigns have the power to help your brand reach its biggest audience. This means thinking outside the box – like exploring different sectors you can target, learning about their interests, and tailoring your messaging to tap into their needs.

We’ll set you up for success with strategic campaign planning, exploring how we might use different tactics across various formats to reach the right people at the right time.




“Their involvement had a significant impact on our campaign, helping us define our goals and giving it the momentum to achieve tangible results.”

Tenet Law - Paula Crowther

“The Making You Content team has a talent for inspiring ideas and encouraging us to think outside of the box.”

Capsule - Emma Waterman-Flynn