“MYC has a very collaborative workflow, making sure we’re always aligned and on target.”

Melissa Walsh

Marketing Coordinator

Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (WRS) provides end-to-end recruitment services on a global scale for the Marine, Construction, Oil & Gas, and Renewables sectors. Boasting offices around the world, they have a dynamic and diverse audience, alongside years of experience in their respective industries.

WRS knew there was an opportunity to capitalise on this through content marketing that would allow them to showcase their valuable industry insights. So they turned to MYC.

Why did WRS need MYC?

With their vast experience across the energy sector, WRS wanted to establish themselves as thought leaders and generate high-quality content to raise their profile and better engage with their audience. But their lack of in-house content creators meant they struggled to find the resources to enhance their brand.

Having been introduced to MYC through a case study call for one of our existing clients, they were keen to explore how we could support their content marketing. And as the saying goes, the rest was history…

Content is king

Over the past year, we’ve worked closely with the WRS team to create an impactful yet agile content strategy. Every month we produce a minimum of three blogs for their website plus their popular LinkedIn newsletter, and we conduct regular stakeholder meetings to revise this depending on what’s in the pipeline.

Our writers and editors ensure each blog aligns with WRS’ marketing strategy goals, considering trending and topical stories, plus those aimed at clients and candidates. We also support with email marketing and ad-hoc content, like guides, social posts, case studies, pitch documents, and even awards submissions – which led to their recent shortlisting in the TIARA Awards.

Hard work, positive results

The content we produce for WRS demonstrates their insights from across the energy space, while offering compelling and valuable information that the audience can use to their advantage.

Thanks to these frequent updates to their website, WRS has seen a huge increase in traffic, plus positive feedback from their team. Most notably, their LinkedIn newsletter now has over 130,000 monthly subscribers since launching in November 2022.

As we look to the future, MYC will continue to collaborate with WRS on various projects across a range of mediums, to further propel the brand and elevate their voice in the energy sector. This story is only just beginning; keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come!