We worked with MYC to streamline our messaging as a business, and it was a pleasure from the start. Kelly and the team are professional, creative, and listen to your needs to adapt their offering accordingly. We also worked on our strategy which has given us the momentum to launch some really exciting new marketing campaigns. Fantastic work with a personal touch – thank you!

Sophie Brown

Commercial Director

Under the umbrella of its parent brand, One Consulting, Flowlio draws on 30 years of experience to deliver project management training as well as subscription-based access to its software. 

The SaaS solution is designed to redefine the way people manage and execute change projects. However, the Flowlio team felt that their original name didn’t align with who they are and what they do.

Why did Flowlio need MYC?

Having previously used our content expertise for the parent brand’s company messaging, it was a no-brainer for the team to turn to us for their SaaS arm. They were keen to understand how we could apply our abilities not only to Flowlio’s own messaging house but also the building of the brand through name and design ideation as well as website copy.

To successfully execute all this, collaboration was crucial. We brainstormed with the team to come up with suggestions that were worthy of making it to the launch phase.

From concept to content

We got to work on perfecting the name for the tech brand, creating a master list of suggestions based on Flowlio’s functionality and essence, and checking for existing domains and trademarks.

Along with a compelling name, we helped produce Flowlio’s distinctive logo. We presented initial concepts based on their audience (project managers) and industry (technology). Following feedback, we refined these to create a stand-out final logo and assets. 

With the core identity set, we turned our attention to Flowlio’s messaging. This consisted of internal guidelines and example content that got across the team’s values, what they do, how they do it, and Flowlio’s USPs. From here, we crafted website copy that accurately reflected their tone of voice, introduced Flowlio, and clearly explained the features and benefits of the product.

Success in the software space

Flowlio has officially launched and has already had some great coverage on national news sites. The team is now looking to roll out the software to existing customers as well as key sectors globally. 

As the people behind the software look to refine their offering and onboard new customers, we continue to work closely with them to support their growth ambitions. We even sent a few members of our team on Flowlio’s training course to further our knowledge of the business and ensure we can share their project management best practices with our own clients.