“MYC has been central to refining and delivering our content marketing strategy. Not only have they helped with the creation of content for social media, inbound lead nurture, case studies, thought leadership output and sales assets, but they’ve also proved a useful sounding board when thinking about the direction of our messaging strategy and engaging new markets. My decision to bring in MYC as our content marketing agency has been vindicated by Voicescape’s increased visibility, positioning as a sector thought leader, and increased pipeline of marketing-qualified leads.”

Muhammed Shaikh

Head of Marketing

Voicescape helps social landlords engage more effectively with their tenants. In their hunt for a content agency with SaaS experience, they found MYC. With our support, they’ve cemented their position in social housing. 

Why did Voicescape need MYC?

In April 2020, Voicescape’s Marketing Manager began searching for an agency with the appropriate culture, skills, and experience to refine and deliver their content strategy. Their mission was to increase brand visibility and ultimately build awareness around their bespoke suite of technology solutions. They worked with our in-house specialists to: 

  • Develop a consistent tone of voice 
  • Create valuable content that helps prospects connect the need to the solution 
  • Attract and convert new leads 

A full-service solution to reach the right people

Social housing is somewhat of an analogue market, and most of its decision-makers may not necessarily search for a digital product. So, we immediately needed to establish Voicescape as the solution to their needs – namely to drive efficiencies and build sustainable tenancies. 

Our expert wordsmiths got to work, producing a series of whitepapers, blogs and case studies. Not only did this introduce Voicescape to the social housing sector, but it positioned them as an authority in the market. 

We initially created this content, together with email campaigns and web pages, to promote their primary product, Voicescape Collections. Since then, we’ve built on that momentum by launching their other core products: Compliance, Feedback, Wellbeing, Engage and Caseload Manager. We even brought in our social media manager to take over their distribution channels and develop both organic and paid content that really homes in on their target audience. 

A record jump in revenue and growth

With our guidance and assistance, Voicescape has improved brand awareness, increased web traffic, attracted new leads and secured a £9 million investment from BGF

Voicescape has managed to: 

  • Bring over 800 new leads into their pipeline 
  • Triple their monthly pipeline generation target
  • Land a £105k contract directly from an ad
  • Launch a LinkedIn newsletter which has 1k+ subscribers

It’s safe to say that our relationship with Voicescape has gone from strength to strength over the years. We have evolved our offering to include more top-of-the-pipe strategy as their internal team grew with Marketing and Product Marketing Executives – from providing support and training with LinkedIn ads and ad hoc topical content to producing and increasing the lifespan of long-form website content like whitepapers. We continue to refine Voicescape’s overall brand messaging to make it both future-proof and relevant. 

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