Strategy workshops

Your brand’s strategy is the difference between blending into a chorus of competitors and cutting through the noise. Current plan not sticking? Or no idea where to start? We’ll change that.

Why brand strategy matters

Your strategy sets the agenda for your brand. Think of it as a benchmark to measure all your progress against. By establishing clear parameters and milestones, you can determine where you are – and where you want to be.

Our content and marketing strategy workshops are the first step to defining your position in the marketplace and setting the direction for your content. You’ll come away with a clear roadmap for your brand’s next moves – whatever that looks like for you.

What shape will your strategy workshop take?

No two strategy workshops are the same. They’re unique to your brand – right down to how they’re delivered. Choose between online or in-person, and we’ll get to work laying the foundations for your marketing success.

Brand positioning

A strategy workshop is an opportunity for us to get to the heart of your brand and its goals. We’ll work through your proposition – taking into account your mission, vision, and key messages – and discuss how that relates to your audience before devising ways to get it in front of them.

Together we’ll outline an approach that acts as a powerful tool for collaboration, innovation, and engagement within your team – propelling your brand forward with purpose.

Marketing strategy

What’s your brand’s competitive edge? Who’s the ideal customer you have in mind? Where are you at right now in the market, and where do you want to be? 

When we understand your brand inside out through a marketing strategy workshop, we can help you figure out how to get you noticed through various channels – all while driving meaningful connections and tangible results.

Social media strategy

Social media will likely play a critical role in your strategy – giving you a platform to build awareness, trust, and engagement. 

Wondering where to focus and what tactics work best? Our content strategy workshop will help you plan your organic and paid efforts – ensuring smart choices for maximum impact.

Content planning

Every successful content strategy starts with one crucial question: “why?” We’re here to help you figure out your key content objectives – whether that’s optimising for search engines or lead generation – before creating a plan to help you achieve them.

Once we’ve nailed down the bigger picture in our content strategy workshop, we set the tone for your future output. We’ll plan in content for key sales-funnel stages and identify ‘pillars’ or themes so that every piece connects with both your goals and your audience.




“Amazing Brunch & Learn session delivered by Making You Content. Highly engaging and professional, and great team members!”

Colony - Dave Chance

“We worked with MYC to streamline our messaging as a business, and it was a pleasure from the start. Kelly and the team are professional, creative and listen to your needs to adapt their offering accordingly. We also worked on our strategy which has given us the momentum to launch some really exciting new marketing campaigns. Fantastic work with a personal touch!”

One Consulting - Sophie Brown