MYC has been instrumental in crafting the Castore tone of voice – working alongside us to identify our audience and establish a brand identity that resonates. Their collaborative efforts have helped us to reinforce Castore’s position as a prominent player in the sportswear industry.

Kristin Kennedy‑Brown​​​​

Senior Content Executive

Founded in 2016 by brothers Phil and Tom Beahon, Castore emerged from humble beginnings at their kitchen table – driven by a frustration with the lack of premium mens’ sportswear on the market.

The brand quickly gained traction. Today, with tennis legend Andy Murray as a shareholder and partner, Castore’s reach spans over 50 countries. From a physical presence on London’s King’s Road to accolades in Forbes’ 30 Under 30, their journey is one of rapid ascent.

Why did Castore need MYC?

When Castore first partnered with MYC, they were experiencing their first bout of accelerated growth. Initially operating a team of 150 employees, they swiftly doubled in size – and are expanding by the day. With this in mind, the biggest hurdle they were facing was effectively scaling their operations to align with demand – all while upholding the quality and consistency of their content output.

MYC was brought to Castore’s attention by a trusted source, and after some thorough research into our background and reputation for delivering exceptional content, the team were confident that we were the agency for their needs.

Tailoring tone of voice, strengthening fan connections

We hit the ground running, collaborating closely with Castore to help shape the brand’s tone of voice. By leading a workshop and creating a guideline document, we ensured it aligned with Castore’s target audience and fostered a brand identity that resonates.

We didn’t stop there, either. Drawing on our diverse expertise, we crafted product and category descriptions that not only educate and inspire the Castore audience, but also improve search engine visibility – ultimately driving more sales. In a little over a year, we had written more than 3,000 descriptions for Castore across their mainline and teamwear collections, including Premier League teams such as Newcastle United, Aston Villa, and Everton.

When it comes to writing teamwear descriptions in particular, the work doesn’t just require aligning the tone of voice with the Castore brand, but also each individual team and its heritage. As a result, we meticulously tailor each description to reflect their unique identity and history. This personalised approach serves to strengthen the emotional connection between fans and their teams, while also reinforcing Castore’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and relevance across its entire product range.

The rise of a sportswear giant 

As Castore continues to launch new collections and update their existing portfolio, MYC is working behind the scenes to guarantee that every piece of content reflects the brand’s evolution. With a shared vision for excellence, our partnership is characterised by a commitment to innovation, creativity, and attention to detail. Together, we strive to inspire and empower athletes and sporting enthusiasts worldwide, powering sustained growth and success for the aspiring sportswear giant.