“The Making You Content team has a talent for inspiring ideas and encouraging us to think outside of the box.”

Emma Waterman-Flynn

Business Operations Manager

When founders Tom and Liam realised that the traditional insurance market wasn’t meeting the needs of ambitious startups and scale-ups, they knew something had to change. So they became the change. They launched Capsule: a specialist insurance provider that empowers innovative, purpose-led organisations on their growth journeys.

A certified B Corporation, Capsule was founded on the belief that business should be used as a force for good. Not only does the team strive to support like-minded enterprises, but they also partner with insurers to offer more favourable rates to companies with strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles.

Why did Capsule need MYC?

Capsule wanted to build awareness for their relatively new brand, highlight their point of difference in the market, and cut through the ‘insurance noise’. To achieve this, they needed an experienced content team – but as a fast-growth startup themselves, they weren’t in a position to build one in-house. 

Making You Content came highly recommended by Capsule’s Marketing Director, Victoria, who’d worked with our team in a previous role. After a few new introductions, we got stuck in. 

Supporting rapid growth with a range of content 

When we first started working with Capsule, they had already begun building the Insights tab on their website – made up of a few thought leadership pieces written by members of the team. It was our job to elevate and refine the content – ensuring it was clear, compelling, and aligned with Capsule’s brand voice. By enhancing the quality of these expert takes, we helped Capsule establish themselves as a credible and authoritative source of industry information. 

As Capsule has grown, so too has the range of content we provide for them. We’ve gone on to deliver everything from evergreen blogs and downloadable resources to hero pieces and social media content. Most notably we helped produce Capsule’s inaugural Top 50 Tech Scale-Ups list in partnership with leading research analyst Ying van de Walle, and penned award submissions for BIBA Young Broker of the Year and Startup Broker of the Year – both of which resulted in a win for Capsule.

Driving change in the insurance industry 

Together we’ve generated a strong portfolio of high-quality content that has successfully positioned Capsule as a trusted yet disruptive insurance broker.

But we aren’t stopping there. As Capsule continues to evolve, we’re constantly reviewing our processes and the structure of our support so that we’re as effective an extension of their growing team as possible. Whenever their business objectives change or their approach shifts, we’ll be there to feed into their marketing and content strategy. Watch this space!