Proofreading and editing

Behind every great piece of content is meticulous proofreading and editing. It helps get your message out there clearly and accurately, protecting your brand image and keeping your audience locked in the moment.

Readability, style, structure and sense

Proofreading and editing isn’t just about spotting a wrong ‘there’ or ‘their’. Content that doesn’t flow or match your tone of voice can be just as harmful as copy with a typo or grammar mistake – turning audiences off before you’ve had the chance to tell them what you’re worth. 

We won’t let any punctuation mark (or lack of) risk your brand credibility. Our in-house editors not only review our writers’ work, but allow us to offer proofreading and editing as a standalone service.

What editing and proofreading services do we provide?

An extra pair of eyes, a more substantial reformatting… We can provide as light or as heavy a touch as you need. And whether it’s ‘tracked changes’ in Word or ‘suggesting mode’ in Google Docs, you can see exactly how we’ve done it.


Written something that needs a once-over? Our editors will review spelling, grammar, flow and consistency to ensure it’s fit to publish. 

We’ll also align it with the style of your existing pieces, so you’re presenting the same brand image across all customer touchpoints.


Need more significant changes, like a new format or tone of voice? We can handle that too. Our editors have an extensive knowledge of a wide range of industries – so we can also raise possible issues and provide alternatives as we go.

Or, if a rewrite is required, we’ll typically pair you with a dedicated copywriter as well as an editor from our agency to weave in original content with your own.

Generative AI editing

Prompted a bot like ChatGPT, but it hasn’t quite delivered? We offer a proofreading service for this type of content as well, ensuring it sounds human, is fact-checked, and makes all the points you intended. 

From AI-produced blogs and emails to website and SEO copy, we’ve got you covered. With us, you can fast-track the content creation process ethically and responsibly – and retain the human touch.




“It was a pleasure working the MYC team; they were friendly, prompt and responsive. The team were proactive in searching for missing information and providing suggestions for improvement. All requirements were understood and translated effectively.”

Science Museum Group - Roshni Patel

“MYC has a very collaborative workflow, making sure we’re always aligned and on target.”

WRS - Melissa Walsh