Brand workshops

Dream of becoming the go-to for your industry? The name on everyone’s lips? Then you already know the difference between a business and a brand. And brand workshops? They’re how you build one.

Setting the stage for your brand

Branding workshops involve taking a step back from your business and looking at the bigger picture. They’re an opportunity to make sure every person that works for, or on, your brand is aligned and striving to achieve the same goal. 

You may have already carved out your brand presence, but your tone of voice needs refining. Or you could be a disruptor looking to crystallise your mission, vision, and values ready for launch. In any case, a tailored brand workshop with our agency will result in a strong foundation for your business. From there, you can think about how best to promote it.

What does a branding workshop look like?

A bespoke branding workshop is a chance to take the temperature of your brand. No matter where you are in your journey, it’s an opportunity to dive deep into your core identity and ask yourself who you are – and who you want to be.

Brand essence

Brand essence is the secret sauce that makes your brand, well, yours. A brand identity workshop creates a structured environment for key stakeholders to get together and really figure out what your business is all about: its mission, vision, and values.

This process gets to the heart of why you exist. The best part? It keeps things consistent – so no matter if that stakeholder is in the inner circle or out in the rest of the world, your brand comes across loud and clear.

Brand positioning

Building a brand isn’t just about knowing who you are, it’s about knowing where you stand. We’ll conduct in-depth competitor analysis to dig deep into what makes your brand unique – breaking down your demographic into targeted segments with different personas.

By leaving no stone unturned, we’ll be able to craft a tailored strategy that includes who you are and where you fit into your industry – ultimately putting you on the path to success.

Key messages

Think of key messaging as the reference point for all your brand communication. It packs in your core values, what makes you stand out, and what makes you tick – all in a way that’s concise, compelling, and consistent.

Through strategic storytelling, we’ll work with you to craft a brand narrative that celebrates your journey, shows off what sets you apart, and strikes a chord with your audience.

Tone of voice

How will you communicate with your audience? Developing a well-defined tone of voice helps you connect with them on an emotional level, makes them remember you, and encourages them to stick around.

To ensure the way you sound stays true to your brand identity, we’ll create a set of guidelines following our brand tone of voice workshop. This will outline your preferred language, style, and how you like to talk to people – and can be shared with your team and revisited as you evolve.




“We worked with MYC to streamline our messaging as a business, and it was a pleasure from the start. Kelly and the team are professional, creative and listen to your needs to adapt their offering accordingly. We also worked on our strategy which has given us the momentum to launch some really exciting new marketing campaigns. Fantastic work with a personal touch!”

One Consulting - Sophie Brown

“We engaged MYC to develop our brand and website copy and I couldn’t be happier with the output. We have a very unique style, and the patience that the team showed in working with us to reach the desired outcome was remarkable. We look forward to continuing to use MYC and recommend highly.”

Anumana - Hemant Patel