Any brand can make noise. But making an impact? That’s the difference good copy makes. Copywriting is the magic touch that ensures every word, sentence, and story speaks directly to your audience’s wants, goals, and pain points.

Excite. Spark curiosity. Solve problems.

We’re much more than a consistent content source. We’re storytellers, wordsmiths, and brand architects. For more than a decade now, our Manchester copywriting agency has been providing clients with agile, scalable content solutions – online and off. 

Struggling to pinpoint the right words to showcase your brand’s value? Finding it hard to come up with ideas? We’ll help with that too. Think of us as part of your existing team, seamlessly bringing our expertise to your brand’s narrative.

More than words: what we bring to your brand

Good copy comes in all shapes and sizes – and as your business evolves, so too will your content needs. We’ll collaborate closely with you to craft pieces that help achieve your business goals, ensuring your message packs a punch across every customer touchpoint.

Website content creation

Simply having a website isn’t enough. You need compelling copy to make sure your online presence is dynamic, engaging, and adaptable.

The right website content strategy equips you with a digital business card that turns browsers into loyal customers. Whether it’s capturing attention with product description writing, sharing knowledge through FAQs, or driving action with a contact page, we’ll help you reach your website’s objectives.

Blog writing services

Our blog creation service can be as simple as lending our editing expertise to your existing articles or coming up with ideas and creating content from scratch. We can even take care of the upload and publishing.

Whatever route you choose, we ensure you have a steady stream of content that keeps your site’s blog section active, brings in audiences from search engines and social media, and aids the customer journey.

Case studies

Social proof is a key part of any marketing strategy. But deciding on a suitable format, gathering insights from your customers, and getting input from your team can make it challenging to pull together case studies that effectively show your products and services in action.

We’ve created case studies in countless shapes and sizes for clients and can not only help you write them up, but find an approach that feels right for your brand. Count on our case study writers to transform your achievements into valuable stories that engage and inspire.

Thought leadership

From social media posts to newsletters and whitepapers, we’ll craft your knowledge into captivating, easily digestible content that makes your connections with stakeholders stronger. 

We can jump on a call with your subject matter experts, conduct our own research, and keep tabs on industry news for you to offer your unique take on. Not only will we demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about, but we’ll help your customers learn what you do and why it matters.

Long-form content

Long-form pieces let you delve into complex topics, highlight your knowledge, and gain people’s trust. The key is finding the right mix of information without overwhelming your readers.

From downloadable campaigns and deep-dive articles that support SEO to scripts, pitch decks, and award entries, we’ll work with you to develop content that delivers.




Ultimately, Castore’s mission is to forge authentic connections with the fans of the teams it has partnered with. With Making You Content’s content development expertise, we’ve been able to effectively showcase the features and benefits of our high-performing teamwear collections.

Castore - Holly Edwards

“We couldn’t recommend MYC enough – they really put the time and effort in to get to know what you need and we have weekly meetings so we can ensure we are aligned on ideas.”

Harri - Kate Price