BMS Progress

“My experience of working with MYC has been excellent. They have provided great insight, innovative content ideas and a supportive and responsive approach. Their work has had an immediate impact.”

David Bill

Managing Director

BMS Progress delivers world-class training and apprenticeships to many of the UK’s most respected organisations. Having branched out from their sister company, BMS Performance, they felt the time was right to cement this with an official rebrand. Through our content and social media management services, they’ve established their messaging and position in the market, enabling them to experience their own progress.

Why did BMS Progress need MYC?

MYC was brought in to help BMS Progress find their voice. This involved an initial kick-off call with their Managing Director, to make sure their new website would capture their essence. It needed to home in on who they are, their values and USPs (modernity and world-class training), whilst leveraging their origin story and three-decade heritage. They specifically called for a wordsmith who could work alongside their brand and a web designer to create stand-out, statement-driven copy.

360-degree content

Headlines were a key part of the creative process. BMS Progress wanted ones that would jump off the page and resonate with their audience, so we penned a variety for them to choose from. Web design complete, it was time to review all copy in situ, ensuring it was word perfect for the launch. We knew that blogs, emails and social posts would really help the rebrand take off – and that’s where our content strategy packed a punch.

Keen to keep up the momentum, BMS Progress built on our existing relationship and made the most of our services going forward – with retainers for blogs, case studies and social media management. Meanwhile, we put a time bank in place for additional, ad hoc support including job advert edits, graphics, and even short videos.

Progression across the board

It didn’t take long for us to start seeing results. We helped BMS Progress to:

  • Successfully launch their new brand and website
  • Increase social impressions by 208% and boost social interactions by 90%
  • Stay relevant with topical content such as National Apprenticeship Week
  • Attract new hires through sharing their values

Because BMS Progress experienced such high growth and diversified to other parts of our offering, we soon had to up our people power and involve over half of our team in their content creation! With our support, BMS Progress has been able to achieve a uniform message across their brand – one that aligns with their parent company, whilst distinguishing them as an independent organisation with their own voice. 

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