hap Solutions Group

We’ve increased our visibility and credibility

Ben Harris

CEO, hap Solutions Group

For many years, hap Solutions Group has delivered flexible staffing services to festivals and events nationwide. The pandemic brought them to MYC with a desire to rebrand and expand. Now, they’re taking the business to new heights and serving more sectors than ever before.

Why did hap need MYC?

When COVID-19 struck, one thing was clear: events and festivals would likely be the last sectors to reemerge. So hap came to MYC on a mission. They wanted to evolve their brand and support an even greater range of industries with their agile staffing services. What started as a website project soon developed into a long-term partnership with aims to:

  • Rebrand from ‘HAP Recruitment’ to ‘hap Solutions Group’
  • Revamp their website, including case studies and blogs
  • Overhaul their social media, with some areas created from scratch

Establishing a foothold in new markets

We wasted no time in repositioning hap’s messaging with freshly written website content. This built the foundation for hap to expand and grow into a wider client base, with MYC at the helm.

Naturally, the focus soon shifted to hap’s other marketing channels. They needed to establish visibility and credibility in their lesser-known markets – and fast. Lacking the time to manage this in-house, MYC stepped in with a strategy. Not only did we produce value-led blogs and case studies, but we also took over their organic social media and developed a niche focus for hap’s business leaders on LinkedIn.

We streamlined communication throughout, using the likes of Slack and WhatsApp to ensure our social media manager always had instant access to the right people at hap. This made our two teams feel like one, and helped us build a close working relationship.

Priming a repositioned brand for lift-off

With our direction, we helped hap turn a restricted sector into an evolutionary opportunity, enabling them to grow through the pandemic.

A revamped website and transformed social strategy led hap to:

  • Reposition from purely event staffing to COVID site staffing and other growing niches
  • Directly win business with Ticketmaster and Richmond Council
  • Grow to 12.5k+ impressions per month from a standing start
  • Grow to 5,000+ website users per month, again from a standing start
  • Reach 8% average engagement rates

Our ongoing relationship with hap builds on this success, as we’ve rolled out our support to the LinkedIn profiles of their employees. We’ve also been given the exciting responsibility of helping to manage their staff channels, keeping hap supplied with a constant stream of engaging content that fires on all cylinders.

Are you visualising a new direction for your brand? MYC will make it happen. We’ll lay out a strategy and work seamlessly with your team from day one – just get in touch today to get started

Ben Harris – CEO, hap Solutions Group

“Partnering with MYC has allowed us to reposition the brand and develop consistent, engaging messaging across our website and social channels. With their help, we’ve not only increased our visibility and credibility in new markets, but we’ve also won new business.”


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