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In light of the growing number of dementia cases in Greater Manchester, Salford’s NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) sought to create a resource that would support patients and carers at every stage of the dementia journey.

Having searched for Manchester copywriters online, the CCG approached our agency to explore the booklet they had in mind, and the best way to deliver on the group’s objectives.

Setting the scene

It was immediately clear that putting a personal spin on such a sensitive issue would be imperative. With so many resources on dementia already available, there was a need to signpost local patients to facilities in Salford. In doing so, the booklet could serve to reassure the reader, making it relatable for patients, carers and relatives.

We decided that a narrative would play a key role in giving context to the facts and guidance included in the booklet. After discussing the overarching structure and a few initial concepts, Making You Content went away to compile a storyboard, which was well received by the CCG.

Weaving the narrative

Our story centred around Eric, a recently retired architect, and his family. It began at his daughter’s wedding, when he forgot the notes for his speech; this was the culmination of several ‘forgetful moments’. The narrative that unfolded followed his dementia journey from diagnosis through to his eventual passing.

We tailored the storyboard to create an uplifting, light-hearted and ultimately empowering tale told from the perspective of Eric, his wife, daughter and carer. Along the way, we also helped to signpost the reader towards resources available in Salford.

Filling in the gaps

The committee were delighted with the narrative we constructed, and asked for further guidance in compiling other elements of the booklet. Upon our recommendation, the CCG arranged a meeting with a designer, who took the lead on formatting the content and creating the finished product.

We also suggested a suitable illustrator for the project, who liaised with our designer to create sensitive, accessible illustrations to complement the design. The results were tasteful and appropriate for patients, carers and relatives alike, giving them a resource that they could really draw assurance from at all stages of their own dementia journey.


'Making You Content displayed a quick and accurate grasp of the presented brief, going on to develop it and ensure the story we wanted telling was engaging, structured and powerful.' ~ Rob Pett, NHS Salford Communications Manager




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