Why You Should Hire A Copywriter For Your Marketing


Do you need a copywriter? It’s a fair question. Writing may seem like second nature to you. After all, you know the business better than anyone, and you’re used to talking about it. So why bring another professional on board?

Because there’s so much to gain. Seriously. When you hire a copywriter, you’re whittling your business down to its core benefits. It’s like bringing designers in for a new shop window display. You’re putting your best sales pitch in the hands of people who will refine it, and save you from spending your precious time at the keyboard.

Copywriters make every word count. We generate brand awareness, share your values with others, manage reputation and, yes, win you more business. But if you’re still debating it, let’s explore why your content marketing could use a dab-hand wordsmith…

Far more variety than just blog posts

Some people are used to writing a quick blog post or email. They just struggle to do the same for LinkedIn. For their website. For any of the other routes to a wider audience. That’s because the process of creating a tweet and a whitepaper can be worlds apart. Content must adapt with the space, form and function you give it. It must also keep your brand intact, despite those differences.

Copywriters understand how, why and where you should communicate your value. From guest blogs and web copy to social media posts, case studies and video scripts, you have so many more options to consider. A writing professional knows the best approach to target a specific audience and tone of voice, and make your long-form, short-form and snapshot content equally convincing.

Compelling messages for your target audience

What do your customers really want? What are they looking for? Do you know the sales objection they’re having, and what to say to help them overcome it? Hire a copywriter for a deeper dive into audience psychology.

We can tailor messages for every target audience. Age, job, location, likes, dislikes, their position along the sales funnel… We know that many variables can separate people. A professional copywriter gets under the skin of your brand to discover what will appeal to subsections of your potential customers. It makes for sharper, more personalised content. And that makes for more sales from the people you want most.

An outsider perspective on your product or service

If something doesn’t make sense to us, it probably won’t connect with your audience either. Industry terms and assumptions have their place, of course. But remember too that the people who really need your product or service won’t have spent as much time immersed in all its ins and outs.

Copywriters (the great ones) will likely have accumulated plenty of market insight. We’re used to drilling through the complexities of your work, before expressing it as clearly as we’re able to. The result is a readable, understandable, succinct description of your offering – one that gets across all the problems you’re solving.

A refreshed brand

Cast your mind back to your business’ infancy… What’s changed? How have you evolved since then? Perhaps your team and culture have been totally reshaped. Maybe you’ve pivoted to new markets. Whatever the case, you need to make sure your brand reflects that.

Again, it’s a matter of sitting down with your copywriting team and asking them to put you under the microscope. That’s where brand workshops come in. These sessions explore your business’ backstory and future goals, and result in clear tone of voice guidelines and communication best practices.

Strategy workshops and content plans will then align your marketing to your business objectives. In this way, external copywriters act as an extension of your internal team – they’re brand guardians that are equipped to create and distribute content that resonates.

Persuasive, valuable and high-quality copy

Marketing, stripped bare, is all about influence. Great copy is all about boiling your USPs down for maximum influence. But it also needs to give the reader something back. Advice, guidance, explanations or entertainment – there’s a trade-off if you want to deliver a persuasive sales message to your audience. It should be worth the time taken to get there.

High-quality content is scannable, no matter how long it is. You don’t want to drag people into a quagmire with your messaging. Every line should have something to say too. It’s more confident and, quite simply, more useful – which makes the reader feel that they’re getting real value from your content.

That’s why you might want to hire a professional. They’ll have countless tricks to not only make your business sound incredible, but also produce something of actual significance to your audience.

No grammar or spelling slip-ups

While we’re on the subject of confidence – good copy requires care. No errors, spelling issues or false starts. Text deserves as much attention to detail as all the other sides of your business. Otherwise, it implies a rushed job. Worse still, the meaning might be lost.

Hire a copywriter for a much finer tooth comb. Agencies like ours have editors to pick out any mistakes or typos. They also double down on your tone of voice, ensuring every writer remains on-brand.

Of course, it’s easy to overlook spelling, grammar and consistency when you’re handling a thousand other things. So don’t take the risk. Focus on your product or service while an agency takes the content wheel.

Better results, from less of your time

It’s tempting to leave blogs, case studies, product descriptions and social media at the bottom of your to-do list when you’re busy. And why not? They’re ancillary to what you really do, right? But what use is ‘what you really do’ if no one knows about it?

Great copy demands close attention. Plenty of planning and research. A sense of the whole, interrelated to your activity. If it’s left on the side for too long, it’ll become less relevant – even completely mistimed. A scattergun approach like this can mean that you never get the results you want from your content marketing.

So if you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head for ideas, skipping deadlines or dumping three months’ worth of social posts in January, you need a copywriter.

Any of these points hit home? We’re ready to write copy that’ll get so much more out of your marketing budget. From our SEO copywriters to our social media experts, Making You Content will be the expert hand you’ve always wanted on every word. Chat to us to find out more.

Words by Kelly


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