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Thaka Mandiwona – Spacial Audio

“MYC have contributed immensely to the revival of our blog section with the high quality content they write for us.”

There’s never been a better time to invest in video marketing. But, if you want to make an impression with your visuals, it’s vital to strike the right message. Our scriptwriters can weave a narrative that breathes life into your video. Whether you’re producing an advert, explainer video, animation or something else altogether, we’ll create a script that really resonates with your audience.

Scriptwriting that nails the message

Behind every good video is a great script. We craft the words that glue together your visuals, working closely with your producer, animator or videographer to ensure that the message hits the nail on the head. From high-impact brand videos to clear and comprehensive tutorials, our scriptwriters are here to help.

Perhaps you’ve already got a vision for your video and simply need a little support with the scriptwriting. Or maybe you’re only just embarking on the process and want input from a team of professionals who can feed into the storyboard. Whatever the case, we’d love to hear your ideas, so that we can share our suggestions and bring your concept to life.

To get the ball rolling, get in touch with our Manchester content agency today.


1. Strategy

You can’t rely on scattergun content to get you results. Take a tactical approach towards your marketing with MYC and create the kind of content that your audience is actually looking for.

3. Distribution

How do you plan on pushing your content out to the wider world? MYC determine the most effective method of distribution for visibility, interaction and, most importantly of all, conversion.

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