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Chris Bailey

ON:iT Recruitment

Chris Bailey – ON:iT Recruitment

“MYC really understand our business and have been a massive influence on how we are perceived in our marketplace.”

Social media management isn’t just a luxury anymore. You need to be pushing content out across multiple platforms to keep your brand visible. But regularly updating your social channels is a time-consuming job all of its own. So, why not let MYC take the reins to maximise brand exposure and engagement?

Savvy social media management

If you’re not on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect with your audience. That’s where MYC can help.

Our social media managers first get to work performing research and testing messages to see what resonates most with your followers. It’s after this stage that we’re able to find the right content mix to attract more people to your channels and get them liking, commenting and clicking on your posts.

MYC’s expertise covers all forms of social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll maintain your brand’s busy, active presence on every type of platform with organic content and, when you’re ready to cast the net wider and get even more targeted, we can explore paid ad options too.

Want to learn more about MYC’s social media management services? Get in touch and we’ll fill you in.


1. Strategy

You can’t rely on scattergun content to get you results. Take a tactical approach towards your marketing with MYC and create the kind of content that your audience is actually looking for.

2. Creation

We create engaging and persuasive copy for startups and global organisations alike. So, whatever sector your brand belongs to, we can help.

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