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“MYC have contributed immensely to the revival of our blog section with the high quality content they write for us.”

Businesses that don’t blog are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive traffic to their site, generate leads and establish their online presence. But a neglected or poorly written blog can be more detrimental than beneficial, and finding the time to regularly update it can be an uphill struggle. That’s where we come in!

Brilliant blog writing services

Master this marketing opportunity once and for all by outsourcing your blogging to Making You Content. Whether you deal directly with consumers or you have a B2B business that wants to stamp its authority on a certain niche, we can tailor original and informative blog posts to the tone of your brand.

From fun and witty blogs to well-researched, industry-specific articles, we can turn our hand to any topic with ease. We’ll do the research and create the titles if you like – so you can sit back and watch your traffic grow. Our affordable blog writing services offer a sound investment for your marketing efforts.

Want to put our professional blogging to the test? Get in touch and we’ll discuss topics.


1. Strategy

You can’t rely on scattergun content to get you results. Take a tactical approach towards your marketing with MYC and create the kind of content that your audience is actually looking for.

3. Distribution

How do you plan on pushing your content out to the wider world? MYC determine the most effective method of distribution for visibility, interaction and, most importantly of all, conversion.

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