Wednesday 06th June 2018

5 Business Benefits Of Working With A Copywriting Agency

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After reading ‘content is king’ in pretty much every article on copywriting ever written, you’re finally convinced: the business’ marketing plan needs to include it. However, whilst this decision was easy to make, actually getting it done is a whole other matter.

Here, we explain how using a copywriting agency can overcome many business obstacles, as well as the key benefits of professional content services.

It saves much-needed time

‘I have the time’ – said no one ever. Pretty much every company puts the ‘busy’ in business, and so you’ll find that trying to write content yourself, or asking a co-worker to, results in a bottleneck that can grind your strategy to a halt. And it’s fair enough – when you’re busy servicing clients, building a team or developing a product, content writing is probably the last thing on your to-do list.

It may eventually get done, just not to the best standards. Many find themselves squeezing it in when they can, often resulting in hurried wording that doesn’t make sense – defeating the content’s purpose entirely. But if you outsource it to a copywriting agency who, like you, are an expert in their area, they’ll finish it in much quicker time – and to perfection.

In a complex sector, or have a very unique tone of voice? The best copywriters have tricks up their sleeves to make the process painless. For instance, interviewing you over the phone as you’re walking to a meeting is a quick and easy way to extract information for a thought leadership article. Plus, by partnering together long term, your outsourced team will quickly become an extension of your own, getting to know the nuances that define both your industry and business.

It increases your brand’s exposure

How do you get your message out there? What format should you use? Which keywords? Choosing the suitable channels is difficult when you don’t know how. And cluing yourself up can be more time-consuming than writing the copy itself.

A content agency can advise on all of these matters, and point you in the right direction. Experienced copywriters will take those embryonic ideas and formulate a strategy for increasing exposure across the board – with content that’s suitable for social, PR, SEO, print, and more – so you can be sure that you’re making an impact with your investment.

It communicates effectively to your target audience

You might have a wealth of expertise in a certain niche, but conveying this in a digestible way can be tricky. As an accountant, for example, you can’t assume your readers will get to grips with all the terminology around tax – unless it’s written in a style that’s easy to grasp. Being aware of your audience’s level of understanding is crucial.

A copywriter knows how to communicate in the best way for a specific audience, perfectly crafting words that inform and engage the reader. They’ll project the messages you want to get across, with clarity that readers will appreciate. Your expertise will shine through, without alienating anyone.

It gives your brand personality

Any copywriting needs to reflect who your brand is, clearly expressing its character and charm. But giving a brand personality isn’t easy, and whilst you may know what to say, it can be a struggle to determine how exactly to say it.

Creating content in the first place is great, but to really differentiate your brand from its competitors, it pays to put some thought into your brand values and tone of voice. By developing some guidelines, either in-house or through a workshop, you can ensure content is both unique and consistent.

A copywriting agency can help you roll this out and act as ‘brand guardian’, manipulating language so that it conveys your story, whilst capturing your brand’s essence.

It helps to grow your business

Ultimately, you want growth for your business. But the breadth of content required, the range of formats, and the time and effort needed, can make this feel out of reach. That’s where a copywriting agency comes in. They’ll write content for ongoing projects, so that you can continuously grow without ever having to put pen to paper yourself.

At Making You Content, we not only sow the seeds for growth, but also do the landscaping. We can work alongside you to interpret your brand, showing you what works and what doesn’t. We’ll provide creative copywriting solutions that put your content woes to rest.

Get in touch with our award-winning copywriting agency today. We’ll make you content with your copy in no time.