7 Deadly Sins: Are You Making These Content Marketing Mistakes?

Are you unknowingly committing the Seven Deadly Content Sins that could be costing your business? These are common content marketing mistakes that can undermine your brand’s reputation, engagement, and bottom line – ultimately sabotaging your success. 

From failing to connect with your audience to alienating them later down the line, each sin carries its own consequences. Stick with us to make sure your brand stands out for the right reasons.

Sin #1: Setting the scene in the intro – but losing your reader’s interest 

First up in our list of content strategy best practices? Make sure you’re not going around the houses before you’ve made a single point. Your audience’s time is precious – and attention spans are shorter than ever. So while a compelling intro is essential to set the scene, don’t lead readers on. The best intros are short, simple, and relevant. Strike at the heart of your message early on, and you’ll captivate your audience from the get-go.

Sin #2: Putting your expertise into practice – but confusing your audience

Whether your content is about the products you offer or the services you provide, no one understands your business better than you. But bear in mind that your customers might not necessarily understand industry jargon or buzzwords. Don’t leave them with more questions than answers; keep things clear and concise – ensuring your content is accessible to a broader audience.

Sin #3: Sourcing powerful stats – but overlooking citations 

There’s nothing better than sourcing a staggering stat that perfectly underscores your argument. But failing to cite the research lets your piece down. Not only do proper citations ensure credit is given where it’s due, but they also add to your credibility – while giving readers the opportunity to look up your sources if they’d like to learn more.

Sin #4: Selling your solutions effectively – but neglecting customers’ needs 

Next in our round-up of content creation pitfalls is all about putting the customer first. Wanting to show off your products and services is only natural. But your customers aren’t necessarily interested in what your products do – they want to know what your products can do for them. Always lead with the value of your offering, highlighting how it can enrich their lives or businesses. Consider storytelling too – this allows your readers to insert themselves into the narrative.

Sin #5: Commenting on hot topics – but not doubling down on relevance 

The ability to comment on the issues taking the zeitgeist by storm has the potential to catapult your brand to viral status – but be careful to exercise a level of caution when doing so. Commenting for commenting’s sake could land your business in hot water – equally, inserting your brand into every single issue dilutes the impact of your voice.

Sin #6: Penning a piece worthy of a Pulitzer – but forgetting the call to action

You’ve finished the thing… now what? Another one of our content marketing mistakes to avoid is failing to double-check your work and spot that you haven’t included an engaging call to action – or that you’ve left your piece without one at all. Without clear directions, your readers are left hanging. Whether it’s encouraging them to share, subscribe, or make a purchase, don’t forget to guide your audience on their next steps to maximise the impact of your content.

Sin #7: Having 1,001 ideas – but trying to do it all yourself

Ideas are half the battle, and if you’ve got them coming out of your ears, you’re on your way to winning the war. But trying to execute every idea single-handedly can run the risk of burnout – not to mention a nosedive in the quality of your content. To avoid falling victim to yet another of our content creation pitfalls, don’t be afraid to delegate, team up with experts, or consider outsourcing. Fresh perspectives and specialist expertise can breathe new life into your marketing strategy. 

Don’t let your content fall flat

If you have a feeling you might be guilty of these content marketing mistakes, don’t despair. Following content marketing best practices, creating a compelling strategy that effectively captures your audience’s attention, and driving results can be daunting to say the least. That’s where we come in. 

Our team of content experts is ready to elevate your brand, enhance your online presence, and boost the success of your business. Let’s get started

Words by Sophie


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