How To Turn Your Content Ideas Into Action

So, you’ve got several content ideas that you’re ready to push but you’re struggling to bring to life. Maybe you’re lacking resources behind the scenes, or a concrete marketing strategy. Or perhaps you manage to hit publish, but the process to get there always feels stressful and chaotic.

Sound familiar? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to help you turn those best-laid plans into a reality. 

Have a proper strategy in place

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: strategies matter. This is your opportunity to map out the type of content you want in good time, and consider what you’d like to talk about that will resonate most with your audience. 

As you develop your strategy, be aware of your industry calendar and find relevant dates so you can tie your content to trending topics. But don’t be too rigid – make allowances for more reactive pieces, particularly when looking at your social media plans. To keep things fresh yet structured, have a variety of content ‘pillars’ or themes to base your ideas around, such as: 

  • Authoritative – Industry-specific topics to demonstrate your expertise
  • Promotional – Pretty self-explanatory, these pieces push your products/services in some way
  • Trending – While these might vary from industry to industry, jumping on hot topics is crucial to keeping your content mix diverse 

This should lead to a good flurry of content, ranging from thought leadership-style copy to evergreen pieces, company news and more.  

Plan time and resources effectively

Once you’ve finalised your strategy, it’s time to get the logistics sorted so you can pull it off. You’ll not only need to consider when content creation will happen, but who it’s being done by to avoid last-minute mad dashes. 

It’s worth weighing up in-house vs outsourced copywriters at this point. If it’s unlikely you could fill a dedicated person’s days with writing and distribution, tapping into an external team might be better. Likewise, if you or someone else who’s in charge of your marketing is too stretched to accommodate your ideas, an extra pair of hands that you can use as and when could prove invaluable.

Get stakeholder buy-in

A well-thought-out, realistic plan is critical if you need to pitch your strategy to your higher-ups first. But you’ll also need to build a business case for it. This means demonstrating why such a strategy is needed, outlining who you’ll be targeting and what problems the plan will solve. 

Additionally, you’ll need to strongly showcase to stakeholders how they will directly benefit, as well as the organisation as a whole – so always tie back your content objectives to the business’ objectives. 

Limit the number of people involved 

After you’ve had your content strategy signed off, it’s important to minimise the number of people between your idea and its delivery. To put it simply, the more team members involved, the more time it’ll take. 

While you want to ensure your content is accurate and meets the right standards, this usually doesn’t require too many people. Your core team could include a subject matter specialist, a writer, and maybe yourself to give the final green light. Either way, as long as you’re not involving an entire department, you should be able to generate a steady stream of content. 

Make it happen with Making You Content 

Need help bridging the gap between idea and implementation? You can turn to the team at MYC for support at the planning, production, or publication stage – or all three. Let’s talk

Words by Kelly


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