New Social Media Hire? Get Clear On Your Strategy First

Being successful on social takes more than hiring a Gen Zer and letting them loose. Sure, they grew up on the platforms and know their BeReal from their Reels, but using social media for business is a whole other ballgame. 

Without a solid content strategy, you just won’t see meaningful growth in (or results from) your social channels. Read on to find out where yours might be falling short.


The best strategies set clear expectations, including how reactive content will fit into your daily posting schedule made up of things like campaigns, awareness days, customer stories and company updates. They also provide a solid foundation of messaging and content pillars so that every tweet, caption or status feels consistent with your brand.

If your social media manager is new to strategising, it pays to partner with a team of experts who can function as an extension of their department. While an agency can handle the planning, writing and posting of both trending and BAU content, they can equally be hired simply to free up your social media manager to focus on creation. 

Work with an agency like MYC, and you’ll also be clear on how your social media team’s work factors into a wider marketing strategy to meet your business objectives. 


Next, you’ll want to give your social media manager a clear steer in terms of tone of voice, the look and feel of your brand, and how much of their own personality they can bring to the role. If you’re hiring someone specifically for that natural Gen Z perspective, you may not want to constrain them too much creatively – but you will want to provide support and opportunities for a more practical copywriting education.

As well as guidelines and best practices, an agency can impart their years of writing experience on your own team members. They can also plug in during busier periods, or when a dab hand is needed – like live event coverage.

Equally, an agency can take the pressure off new recruits to be the only team member bringing ideas to the table. As well as content writing, they can keep an eye on things like industry trends and competitor research to inform future approaches.


Social media success doesn’t happen overnight. Good results take time and critical analysis – both of which can be a scarce commodity for small or new teams. And without a solid way of assessing the success or failure of previous campaigns, creating content can often feel like a shot in the dark.

This is where bringing an agency to the table can prove invaluable. They can create data-driven reports to see what’s working and what isn’t, before providing valuable recommendations for improving your social strategy going forward. This includes where trends were missed, and how to build in the right processes to minimise the chances of this happening next time.

Crucially, agencies draw on their experience with other clients to help you benchmark the performance of your posts. They can also identify new opportunities – like when LinkedIn newsletters launched back in 2022 – and determine whether they would be right for your business.

Why choose MYC?

Our approach revolves around three essential pillars: strategy, creation, and distribution. This way, we ensure that every aspect of our work is guided by a thoughtful and comprehensive approach that’s catered to the unique needs of your size, internal capabilities and targets. 

Our team of copywriters, editors and social media managers come from a wide range of backgrounds with decades of combined experience. So, whatever support your social media department needs, we can provide it.

Get in touch to find out how we can perfect your content strategy today.

Words by Miranda


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