Why You Need To Start A LinkedIn Newsletter ASAP

LinkedIn newsletters were first rolled out to company pages in spring 2022 and have skyrocketed in success. In fact, we always recommend them to new clients – as well as publish our own each month. 

Not jumped on this trend yet? LinkedIn newsletters really are worth their weight in gold. Join us as we explain why, along with the new features they’ve released a year on from their launch.

What’s so great about LinkedIn newsletters? 

If your company page has more than 500 followers, you really should consider creating a LinkedIn newsletter. The brilliant thing about them is that, unlike traditional page posts, all your followers receive a notification when you post one for the first time. We’ve experienced conversion rates as high as 33% for many of our clients – which could equal thousands of subscribers overnight!

What’s more, every single time you publish your latest issue, subscribers (whether they’re followers of your page or not) receive a LinkedIn notification as well as an email to their inbox – hitting them from both angles. You can also view the name, photo, job title and headline of your subscribers’ LinkedIn profiles, depending on their privacy settings.

Could they trump email newsletters? 

LinkedIn could give you a greater reach than direct emails, but that’s not to say the classic newsletter is dead. Some of our clients have found that the LinkedIn format complements their email marketing, and vice versa – opting to use the same content across both or adapting it slightly. This way, reach is maximised.

If your email database is a little lacking, though, you might find that just focusing on the social media platform gets you more bang for your buck.

Ready to get in on the action? Know this first

Format is everything

LinkedIn essentially treats their newsletters like their articles. So, if you’ve published Pulse pieces before, you’re in familiar territory. Of course, that means you can’t innovate much with the look and feel in the same way as you can with an email – but the platform is working on making that better. You can:

  • Name your newsletter 
  • Add a logo
  • Use a different cover photo for each edition
  • Customise the headline
  • Add an SEO title (a handy new feature!)
  • Format the content (use headings, image descriptions, pull quotes and bulleted lists, as well as embedded videos and article previews)
  • Share the newsletter in a post

A somewhat limited design generally means the shorter the better, which lends itself well to things like quick tips, summaries of the latest news in your sector, and a round-up of the content you’ve published that month. Use subheaders and bullet points to keep it digestible, link off elsewhere for further reading, and spend some time on a compelling CTA – make the reader actually take that action. 

Consider your publishing schedule

How often you release a new edition of your newsletter is up to you – LinkedIn only limits it to one every 24 hours. It won’t surprise you that none of our clients have opted to publish on a daily basis, though some are doing it weekly.

It’s worth bearing in mind that producing a solid newsletter every week will be a major drain on your time. Yet if you create one every quarter, you might miss out on key talking points – like industry news or government changes that affect your sector. For example, when we first wrote this blog, Boris Johnson had recently handed in his resignation. Updating it a year later, and we’ve had two prime ministers since. By the time you’re reading this, that figure may have increased further.

Posting monthly seems to hit the sweet spot, enabling you to keep pace with your industry or compile an engaging list of content you’ve produced and been featured in. 

Keep up to date with LinkedIn newsletters

We’ve already mentioned a few new features that LinkedIn has introduced since newsletters on the platform became a thing – but they aren’t the only ones. You can also schedule your newsletters and articles in advance, ensuring they’re sent out at optimal times for your audience even if you’re not at your desk. 

Plus, there’s now a one-click subscribe URL and embeddable button. This makes sharing the newsletter easier for you, and subscribing to it easier for your readers – meaning you’ll increase engagement both on and off the platform.

LinkedIn will keep releasing new features for their newsletters – and it’s crucial to keep pace with these so you can get the best out of the format. If you need help launching or getting the most from your own, get in touch. We’ve been in the LinkedIn newsletter game since day one, testing various approaches and rolling with the times as things have changed. 

Words by Kelly


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