Monday 10th October 2016

How To Hit The Ground Running With Your Christmas Marketing

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The gathering sound of sleigh bells isn’t the only thing playing on our yuletide excitement. If you listen closely, you’ll already hear the frantic sounds of tapped keyboards as business owners turn their attention to Christmas marketing; it’ll only get louder as the days slip by.

To keep up with the Christmas rush, you’ll need to hit the ground running. Bringing all of our experience as a copywriting agency to the fore, we’re here to unwrap your seasonal strategy and get your marketing on-point before the snow starts to fall…

Step 1 – Create an action plan

It’s useful to know where your strengths lie and how they can be harnessed. You might, say, be able to engage a sizeable social media following with weekly blog posts. Or your database could be running thousands deep, in which case a targeted email marketing campaign can be incredibly cost-effective.

These channels will form a delicate balance, creating a sales funnel that draws customers in. We’ve mentioned before how effective lead nurturing can be, so start generating insightful content around predicted big sellers, since a lot of people research their gifts way in advance of December. Set out a week-by-week plan of key dates and actions, to help you focus your efforts.

Step 2 – Optimise your website

When customers land on your website, what do they find? If they need to wade through your site map to discover your Christmas-themed products or services, your marketing campaign might be in vain. For this reason, consider auditing your website to ensure it’s appropriate as you head into the festive season.

To streamline the user experience, create a dedicated landing page for your Christmas offering, or multiple category pages to promote gifts for her, him and the dog. In doing so, you can showcase your products or services and maximise conversion rates.

Step 3 – Scale with the season

Digital marketing allows you to drum up a storm of interest, but only if you play it right. Use the month of October to isolate keywords, demographics and media channels that’ll generate the best returns. Then, as you head into November, begin to ramp up the frequency of your blogging, email marketing and social media activity.

This escalating approach will mirror the amount of searches your audience is making, so that your efforts don’t fall on deaf ears after a couple of weeks. By aligning your marketing to the Christmas buying cycle, you’ll ensure that clicks eventually turn into sales.

Step 4 – Be realistic

It’s easy to get swept up in the Christmas spirit, but always bear in mind your own capabilities. From manufacturing budgets to delivery deadlines, make sure that your marketing campaign is realistic. There’s no point touting your products a week before the 25th if the last order deadline has already passed, so work in harmony with other departments as you hurtle towards December.

Follow these steps to snare a hungry Christmas crowd over the coming months. Think carefully about what people will want, how they’ll find it and when you should gear promotions into overdrive, to reap the rewards of festive cheer this season.

For a helping hand with your Christmas marketing efforts, get in touch with our Manchester copywriters on 01616 609 206 or [email protected]. We haven’t become an award-winning copywriting agency without some seasonal expertise – our content can flow as gorgeously as mulled wine on a cold winter’s day.