How To Cause a Stir With Content Marketing

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Words can inform, delight, subvert and entertain in equal measure. Quality content, tailored to your brand and audience, can evoke a reaction that brings your business ever closer towards its goals.

But a solid marketing campaign doesn’t stop at great content. How you use an article or blog post is at least half the battle for successful content marketing. To help you get started, we’ve picked our brains and put together a few guidelines on how to promote your content effectively.

SEO is your friend

Google’s algorithms have now developed to a point where the quality and context of an article influence your search engine ranking as much as the frequency of the keywords themselves.

A copywriter knows they can’t scrimp on interesting content for the sake of shoehorning in keywords and phrases. Finding clever ways of incorporating these into well-structured, coherent SEO content strikes the right balance between obligation and spontaneity, making for a better read and improved online visibility.

It pays to be social

Never underestimate the potential of social media to fan interest around your content. With the right hashtags and captions, you can engage the interest of your followers and drive traffic to your site.

Posting at peak times of the day will ensure you reach as many pairs of eyes as possible. Planning out your posts for the week, or even the month, should chime nicely with the projected scope of your content output. Don’t set yourself unrealistic deadlines, but be persistent and dogmatic.

Show LinkedIn some love

Although many professionals across the globe have a LinkedIn account, the number of people who use the platform to its full potential is much lower. Content can be published on LinkedIn as well as your blog, then shared in industry groups to reach relevant professionals in your field. Bear in mind that good content is answering a need that’s already there – you should always aim to provide answers or a helpful opinion.

Perfect your newsletter

Securing contact details is classed as a win for many businesses, since it allows you to stay in touch with prospective clients and keep your business at the forefront of their minds until they are ready to buy.

That’s the idea, anyway. A sloppy newsletter full of typos, randomly-placed links and bland copy won’t do you any favours, so spend some time perfecting your email marketing campaign. To rise above the slew of emails your contacts receive every day, you need a bold, attention-grabbing newsletter that will convince them of your integrity.

Quality content deserves steadfast marketing efforts to ensure every blog, thought leadership article or case study makes an impact. As we explored in our last blog, a copywriting agency offers more than outstanding content – we can help with marketing and strategy planning too.

To have a chat about your content marketing plan, get in touch with our Manchester copywriters today. Drop us an email at [email protected], or call 01616 609 206… we’re full of ideas, you know!

Words by Kelly


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