5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting

You’ve successfully brought people to your website. Page views and sessions are up. So how come that’s not translating into queries or revenue?

If you’re turning your audience into web visitors, you don’t necessarily need to go back to the drawing board on your PPC campaigns and digital marketing efforts. The problem may lie on the site itself.

Let’s look at five reasons why your web copy could be losing you valuable business.

1. Misaligned search intent

Spent a lot of time and money drawing traffic through SEO? While your content could contain all the right keywords, they potentially don’t align with your visitors’ search intent. Perhaps you’re not answering their question, or you’ve optimised your website for an audience at a different stage in the sales funnel. User surveys are a great way of understanding the nuances of your audience’s intent at each stage of the customer journey. Good SEO content combines this real audience relevance with algorithm-friendly tactics.

2. Miscommunication

Maybe your audience doesn’t know what they’re supposed to gain from your website. It could be that you’ve neglected to mention your USPs, not given your reader any reason to trust you, or simply confused them with mixed messaging. Take another look at your web copy – think about the message you want to get across to prospective customers, and critically assess whether your copy is delivering it.

3. Wrong length

Striking the right balance when it comes to word count is key. Too long, and you risk intimidating site visitors with an essay that they have neither the time nor desire to read. Too short, and you may leave them with a head full of questions and very few answers. Your web content should be concise, informative, and engaging throughout. A/B testing and heatmap tools can show you what works best for your specific audience.

4. Poor spelling and grammar

A brand can have the most impressive website in the world and still turn its readers off. How? Typos. Spelling and grammar mistakes reflect badly on a business, no matter how persuasive the message. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s essential to have a professional website with not a misplaced comma in sight.

5. Lack of the right call to action

And if everything else is working as it should, the culprit could be the final hurdle: the call to action. Make sure the content on every page has an effective prompt, whatever that may be. Perhaps you’ll encourage the reader to buy your product, contact the sales team, or download a whitepaper. You might even want to consider creating smart CTAs that change depending on the website visitor.

Captivate and convert with Making You Content

Talking of effective call to actions… here’s ours.

Whether you want to reduce your bounce rate, increase website sales or prompt engagement with your audience, we’re here to make sure your web copy has the right impact. Our content agency will arm your business with compelling content that converts. We can even help with other aspects – such as strategy and delivery – to enable you to hit your growth goals.

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Words by Miranda


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