Saturday 27th July 2019

So, You Want To Sound “Bold”?

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First of all, well done. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably interested in taking a bolder approach in your copy – and you deserve commendation for that.

Many brands hesitate about stepping outside the comfort zone of the corporate semantic field. But, in reality, being bold sets you apart from your competition. You’ve heard the expression: ‘He who dares, wins’, right? Well, it rings true in marketing.

But what’s the secret to success in bold writing?

When does being “bold” work?

Bold, in some cases, can just mean outright cheeky – and brands selling more “mischievous” products tend to get away with this approach more than most.

Bookmaker Paddy Power, for example, have built such a strong identity they only mention their odds and offers in passing. They know people primarily come to them for jokes and wisecracks:


Fast food franchise Burger King are another perfect case in point of a brand that spends huge time embroiled in banter with followers whilst posting tongue-in-cheek content:


Image result for burger king tweet reply


Elsewhere, Oasis take a blunt approach online and offline – tying each message together with a slogan that applies to their advertising and product: “refreshing stuff”.

These companies rolled the dice with their branding and it worked – because they got the words right.

But whilst bold works when you have a somewhat naughty, rebellious or unusual product like those above, it can also prove a smart approach for services and B2B brands; going against the grain and calling out stereotypes. Recruiters, for example, can benefit hugely from acknowledging the attitude of the competition – using bold copy to reflect how they break the mould.

How bold do you actually want to be?

This is a big decision. Saying you want to be bold in your copy is a start – but it’s not quite enough. You need to go a bit deeper.

Do you want to be a bit cheeky? Or actively provoke?

Do you want to tease readers? Or completely shock them?

Do you want to come across as self-assured? Or do you want to paint yourself as the unequivocal champion of the market?

This is where tone of voice guidelines prove so valuable. By working with copywriters, you can understand where you want to sit on the scale, to ensure your bold streak delivers the right impact.

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