Lost In Translation: The 3 Most Misunderstood Words In Content Briefs

Words are powerful tools and, when used correctly, can have an amazing impact. But their meanings also evolve across time and culture. For instance, in Middle England the term ‘nice’ was considered an insult for a foolish or ignorant person. Today, well, it has a much ‘nicer’ meaning. 

We develop our own personal definitions of words as we move through the world, adopting the same phrases as our family, neighbours, and friends. In more recent years, the internet and social media has added even more layers to the way we communicate – exposing us to colloquialisms from far-flung places. 

The versatility of language is what makes it so interesting, but this very quality can also lead to misunderstandings. Some words are more open to interpretation than others, and you risk coming across the wrong way if your content agency isn’t on the same page.

Want to avoid blurred lines in your brief? We’ve outlined three ambiguous words that call for careful consideration…


The term ‘punchy’ often pops up in client requests – but what exactly does it mean? Some picture tight, short, and monosyllabic copy, while others seek striking words that pack a punch… literally. The debate extends to whether ‘punchy’ translates to brevity or quality content in as few words as possible. To help you get clear on your own definition, we’ve created a detailed guide on crafting punchy copy that aligns with your brand strategy.


The notion of ‘friendly’ writing is equally subjective. Some clients are looking for copy radiating positivity – think sunshine and rainbows – while others think this warm and fuzzy approach is cheesy. To strike the right balance, it’s essential to understand precisely the level of ‘friendliness’ your brand aims to convey. Are you professional but approachable? Or fun and laid-back? Discover all you need to know about creating a kinder type of copy.


If your brand is striving to be bold, then you need some big, brawny words to back up your ambitions. But is being ‘bold’ just another way of saying ‘determined’? Or are you unafraid of ruffling a few feathers on your mission to captivate your audience? Getting to the heart of boldness in your brand strategy is key – read our insights on briefing brave copy.

Find your voice with MYC

Don’t let varying definitions drag your content in the wrong direction. If you want to stand out and stay consistent, nailing your brand voice is crucial. 

Not sure where to start? Consider booking a brand workshop with our experienced team of copywriters and editors, content strategists, and social media managers. Together, we can establish crystal-clear guidelines – guaranteeing your brand comes across exactly how you imagined. Drop us a line.

Words by Sophie


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