Topical vs Evergreen: Which Content Works Best?

From your blogs to your socials, content is everything. Sure, highlighting your products and services to your target audience is a good starting point. But knowing the difference between topical and evergreen content – and better yet, knowing which to turn to (and when) – will put your brand on a pedestal.

Showing off your expertise? Evergreen every day. Looking for a quick traffic boost? Team topical. Yet this only scratches the surface of their potential. Tip the scales too far one way, however, and you’ll miss out on the benefits of the other.

That’s exactly why you need to know the plus points of both, to learn how your business can strike the right balance between topical and evergreen content.

Getting topical

Topical content is timely and relevant – think industry news, recent events or even company updates. This could be laced with an opinion to spark a discussion, or it might bring up a current issue to share mutual recognition.

Usually, this kind of content is super clickworthy, and a great way of demonstrating that your finger is firmly on the pulse. Plus, it can really help to build that connection with your audience. But if you’re jumping on the bandwagon, remember, the popularity you’ll achieve is only temporary. Use these top tips to make your topical content count:

Stay ahead

Yes, topical content is often reactive, and you can’t really prepare for the unpredictable. But you can prepare for events that you know are coming up – like Pride Month or International Women’s Day. Allocate time to cherry-pick topics and find the perfect fit with your audience – but leave gaps in your social and content calendar to allow for reactive pieces. Then, keep your ear to the ground so you don’t miss the latest trends.

Make it relevant

Is something happening in the world that’s got everyone talking? Think about how you can make that relevant to your brand whilst also adding value. For example, a summer heat wave may have nothing to do with IT, but an equipment leasing company could post tips on how to protect hardware in hot conditions. Move with the moment!

Play to a CTA

Take advantage of higher engagement by picking relevant content that you can boomerang back to your brand in a killer call to action. Not appropriate? Consider retargeting ads to keep them engaged and direct them to your offering. Converted customers await.

Achieving evergreen

Evergreen content, on the other hand, is non-perishable in nature. Whether it’s a deep dive into your services, or an engaging thought leader piece, the topic should be ever-relevant – and so should the wording.

In contrast to topical content, evergreen keeps on giving long after posting. It’s a chance to educate your audience with industry value, and shows that your business really does know its stuff – a great way to build the trust and credibility of your brand. Consider these top tips to help get results from your evergreen content:

Utilise SEO

The lack of an expiry date is handy for search engine optimization, as Google can take time to crawl through and rank your content. Longer form pieces give you the freedom to embed the best keywords and search queries with less limitations, so your content has a higher chance of being found organically.

Choose carefully

If you’re gunning for a long lifespan, picture your post being read six months or a year down the line. Would it still make sense and hold value? If your industry moves fast, consider scheduling an annual content audit to ensure evergreen content stays fresh, accurate and relevant.

Think of the funnel

Just like with topical pieces, evergreen content should add value for your audience. When mapping it out, keep your personas front of mind and think about the funnel. Whether you’re creating something at the top or the bottom, make sure it aligns to their goals, resonates with their pain points, and answers any questions they may have at that stage.

Strike the right balance

Thinking about pursuing one or the other? Think carefully, as they make a great couple! The short shelf life of your topical content, albeit a powerful form of engagement, takes away your ability to reshare and reap rewards further down the line. A problem solved perfectly by evergreen content, which may not pull in masses of instant traffic, but performs in the long run.

Commenting on current trends and industry events is half the battle, but if you’ve got more in the tank, evergreen content is the stage to prove it. Just don’t forget the importance of showing that you’re on the ball and reactive to the changing world around you – a vital ingredient in attracting your current and potential audience.

We’ve got the formula

Of course, this is much easier said than done. Not only do you need to form a content plan that plays to your strengths, you also need the time and resources to create regularly, and quickly – a big obstacle for topical posting. But if you’re in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, a heavier lean on topical content might work for you.

At Making You Content, we’ll address all this and more by working with you to create a bespoke strategy. From there, our experienced wordsmiths play the journalist and the author, researching topics and crafting compelling content that gets results.

Ready to find and fulfil the perfect content formula? Contact us today.

Words by Kelly


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