The Apprentice Diaries: Grace’s Second Month

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Part Two: Our apprentice, Grace, continues her account of what it’s like learning on the job at MYC… Read the first part here.

I’ve reached the end of my second month here at Making You Content, and it’s been as full on and exciting as ever. I have thoroughly enjoyed some of the challenges that have been thrown my way, and I feel like I’ve learnt so much already from Kelly and the team, along with the support from Apprentify.

Throughout July, I worked on a variety of projects. From blogs and infographics (which I think I have the hang of now!) to full social media plans and analytics (which I tried for the first time), I’ve had a huge range of experiences during the last four weeks. It’s hard to believe that I managed to fit so much work into just one month!

Professional highlights

Because of my graphic design background, I was given several infographics to design for various clients, mainly for their websites or social media accounts. I enjoyed creating these as I have quite a visual eye.

The task that stands out to me the most was the design I created for a recruitment company. They needed a last-minute graphic to complement the sales pitch they were doing for Lucozade and Ribena.

I produced a graphic, which they loved, in just under three hours – I was personally very proud of that! I also thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of the tight time schedule.

Personal highlights

With the heatwave in full swing, I was invited out by the rest of the team to have some drinks and enjoy the sun. We went to an event which was part of the Manchester International Festival. It was an interactive art installation which I found fascinating! Having studied Art and Design at university, anything to do with the art world always intrigues me, no matter how weird it may be.

July was also the first month of my online classes with my Apprentify tutor, Dale. I had a jam-packed three days with him where I learnt a range of new techniques and skills that will be extremely useful to my job.

I learnt about the principles of marketing, as well as how to build a persona for a specific audience. There are behavioural, geographical, psychological, and many other aspects you must consider when targeting customers in order to sell products or services.

Moving forward

With July over and done, I can happily say I have learnt a lot being here at Making You Content. I feel my writing has improved exponentially, and I’m glad I get to do what I love day in, day out. Being stuck in retail dampened my natural flare, but being in a creative environment has allowed me to fully show what I’m capable of.

I am looking forward to what next month will bring! I’ll hopefully be able to see my growth soon, through my portfolio, which I will fill with work from online sessions and interactions with Kelly and the team.

Two months have flown by, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. Being a copywriter in training is by far the best thing I have ever done!

Words by Kelly


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