So, You Want To Sound ‘Punchy’? Here’s How To Knock Your Reader Out In The Right Way

Traditionally, packing a punch with your writing means creating an impact in as few words as possible. But for businesses, it’s developed a new meaning. More than just concise messaging, ‘punchy’ copy refers to high-quality content that stands out in a loud world. 

Now, a lot of brands claim they want to sound punchy. But the truth is, there’s a time and a place for it. Popcorn-style copy – short, sharp words bursting out of your screen – is only appetising in certain scenarios. Allow us to explain… 

When does being ‘punchy’ work?

When writing ads, emails, and other content constrained by character limits, adopting a punchy approach is a strategic move. It ensures your message is delivered swiftly, leaving a memorable mark on the reader. However, it’s important to recognise that the one-size-fits all mantra doesn’t apply here.

Say you’re writing a brochure, for instance. Your audience will quickly tire after reading snappy sentences for eight pages straight. Consider the following… 

Punchy brochure:

“Great cars. Great quality. That’s Super Cars. We have the best vehicles. At the best prices. Sports cars. 4x4s. Saloons. You name it. There’s a car here for you.”

Balanced brochure:

“All the best cars. All the best prices. Here at Super Cars, we stock the best vehicles available on the market – from sports cars and saloons to 4x4s. Whatever you’re looking for, we guarantee there’s a car here for you.”


The latter, with its varied sentence structure, allows for a smoother reading experience. For longer-form content like brochures, guides, and whitepapers, a more dynamic structure keeps readers engaged, mixing up the pace and eliminating monotony.

Should you pick a punchy approach?

If you’re writing website copy, a social media post, or a business card, a punchy approach can work wonders. Get your message across in an empathic way, and BAM! You’ve successfully hooked your reader.

But if you want to hold on to their attention for more than a few pages, crafting content that ebbs and flows is much more important. That way, you ensure they’re absorbing information while enjoying the reading experience. It’s all about finding your rhythm.

Is your content marketing like an orchestra without a conductor? MYC can help. Our team of skilled writers and editors is adept at hitting all the right notes when it comes to effective content creation. Reach out to us to get started.

Words by Sophie


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