New Job, New Industry: How Dale Found His First Year At MYC

February marks Dale’s first year at Making You Content. Find out how he’s settled into life as one of our wordsmiths and what he’s learnt from his first role in a new industry. 

Where did the months go? This time last year, I wasn’t just preparing to join MYC, I was sizing up my first official role as a copywriter. So, I suppose you could say I’m celebrating a double anniversary (alright Dale, don’t milk it)…

But this was by no means my first rodeo when it comes to word play. After some voluntary radio journalism amongst other music-related casual writing, I was ready to take the next step and turn my hobby into a career. And, after some persistent emailing and a lockdown interview or two, I landed right where I needed to be.

What came before

After graduating in 2015, my friends and I launched a music collective – for which I took the reins as content writer. One thing led to another, and I was soon creating promotional material and press releases for the artists we met, along with music reviews for a local DAB radio station.

Eager to evolve my skills professionally, I knew agency work was the right move. So, I did my research and sifted through many options, but MYC was a name that kept pulling me in. Just from the website alone, I caught a snapshot of a workplace with both the vibrant culture and industry recognition that proved it was a great place to progress.

Finding the words

With the majority of my writing portfolio being almost entirely about all things music, I set out with my knowledge sponge at the ready. Now, to say I’ve learnt a lot in my first year would be a gigantic understatement – and I’m not just talking about honing my writing skills. 

One of the things that I love most about this role is the huge diversity of MYC’s client base. As my colleague Sam explained in my first week, “You’ll learn a lot of random information in this job, most of which will make you fantastic conversation at networking events”!

Briefs would land in my lap around topics I’d never dreamt of delving into. Yet after a 60-minute (often less) makeover of the mind and a finished piece later, I’ve become a DIY expert in a new field, and I have the words to show for it. 

A personal journey

Sure, my ability to reproduce a client’s voice, hit a brief with pinpoint accuracy and create compelling content has come on leaps and bounds. But my first year at MYC has been as mentally refreshing as it has been practically. 

Pandemic restrictions meant that the first five months of my debut role as a copywriter were spent in my living room. I won’t lie, this made me concerned about being able to blend in. But the entire MYC family wasted no time in making me feel right at home, from home! I knew I could turn to someone for guidance, ideas or just a natter whenever I needed to.

The experience of overcoming challenges, raising the bar, and even surprising myself with my own work has given me a new lease of life that I didn’t know I needed. And for that I have to thank Kelly and the team who took me under their wing and made it possible.No one day is ever the same at MYC, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of them hold as I continue to hone my craft here. Reckon you’ve got words worthy of showing off too? See what all the fuss is about at our award-winning content agency…

Words by Kelly


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