In-House To Agency Life: Miranda’s First Year At MYC

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Having recently celebrated her first anniversary at Making You Content, Miranda tells us what the last 12 months have been like and how she found the move from in-house to agency life.

There are benefits to working in-house. You get to know a brand like the back of your hand, they’re your sole focus, and writing for them becomes second-nature. It’s something I enjoyed but having also spent some time discovering diversity as a freelancer, my creative juices were itching.

Then I came across a LinkedIn post: Making You Content had a vacancy for a copywriter. I’d met Kelly through a previous role years prior, and had been admiring her agency’s content for some time. After initially pondering over whether the role would be too much of a change, I decided to take the leap….

It’s all about creativity

MYC don’t just create standard copy – they make everyday topics interesting and write in continuously imaginative ways. As someone who grew up trying to scribe the next Harry Potter series, the creativity this allows is one of my favourite things about working here.

Over the years, processes have been put in place to channel this energy and ensure ultimate value to the client. Each brand has clear guidelines, and there’s a heavy focus on account management. Our team work with clients on an ongoing basis to guarantee that we’re not only meeting their copy requirements but know the brand as best we can. We may not be inside their business, but we truly work hard to build fantastic relationships.

You can’t beat variety

Whilst we all have our specialities, each writer gets to produce content for a range of different sectors in various formats. A day for me can start with a web page on tax, move to a blog about the latest interior home design trends and end with social media ads listing the benefits of travel apps. You simply can’t get that variety working in-house.

Ultimately, this diversity helps to make me, well, content in my job. Nothing ever gets tedious, I’m continuously challenged, and I can genuinely say every day is completely unique.

Writing in different voices

I also get to write for a much wider range of objectives. An example would be my highlight of 2019 so far, where I wrote copy to celebrate a school’s achievements. The perspectives I write from can also be very different. Sometimes, I’m even a ghost-writer.

Doing this well takes time. On a daily basis I conduct research for briefs, finding out information that can be interesting, incredibly bizarre, or really useful. A great example of the latter is the copy I produce for an Apple Mac leasing company – this involves discovering Mac hacks, which is valuable considering I work on one every day.

Going forward

Working in an agency gives me the chance to embrace my inner Hermione. I’ve always loved learning, and it’s something I think is important that you never stop doing. Thankfully I can be certain I won’t at MYC.

With an army of talented writers surrounding me, I’m continuously improving – and this is something, like learning, that should be non-stop. Additionally, I’m getting the opportunity to master other skills outside of writing – from boosting processes as MYC’s Head of Process to things traditionally outside my comfort zone, like networking.

It’s safe to say I’ve got more than I could have ever imagined out of my first year at Making You Content. And I’ve been far, far more than content. As my time at MYC continues and with ever more excitement on the horizon, the future only looks to be even more magical.

Fancy enchanting your brand with some content crafted by Miranda and the rest of the Making You Content team? For wizards, just wave your wand and say ‘Accio copy’. If you’re a Muggle or Squib, simply contact us on 0161 660 9206 or [email protected].

Words by Kelly


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