Our Content Highlights Of 2019 So Far

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It’s been a transformative year for MYC. You’ve probably already seen our rebrand: a welcome dose of colour, culminating in our March party with clients old and new. It reflects a coming of age for our agency as a whole. We’ve also recently given everyone in the team ‘Head of’ positions – from Wellbeing to Brand and Process – that are designed to strengthen the business and ensure everyone has a role beyond their keyboard.

But we also want to share the work we’ve loved most of all in the first part of 2019. As the team grows stronger, so does our sense of achievement. And that’s always worth reflecting on, because it shows what we do better than any other content agency.

So here are our wins and lessons from the last four months, one at a time, from everyone in the company.

Robiquity – our deep dive into the Blue (Gareth)

The copywriter role at MYC has always been a three-dimensional one. Sure enough, I’ve spent almost as much of 2019 visiting client sites and attending events as I have creating content in the office.

From a busy first quarter – which was packed with client requests to cover receptions, ceremonies and conferences – there’s one standout project I’m particularly proud of: the work we did at Blue Prism World.

An exclusive client invite gave me the opportunity to cover this massive RPA event from inside London ExCeL, collecting three days’ worth of information and media which we used to generate blogs, social content and emails.

Blue Prism World served up the sort of fast-paced, stimulating environment that challenge-seeking writers revel in. The experience itself was topped only by the incredible feedback we received for our coverage of the event– putting us in the frame to cover future conferences of a similar stature.

We’ve grown considerably in our capabilities as an agency here at MYC. No project reflected this better than Blue Prism World.

Lease Loop – the crystal ball of content (Lucinda)

I love editing prediction pieces. Luckily, the Apple world never sleeps and there’s always an annual event of theirs around the corner. As part of our work for Lease Loop, we produce blogs that seek to anticipate what this tech giant will announce.

This involves researching what the leading influencers are saying, but also an awareness of what has come before and the capabilities of technology.

My favourite part of this job is learning something new – and it happens every day. When Miranda conducts this in-depth research and distills it into a snappy forecast for the blog, I get to find out all about what the future could hold.

A large part of my job then, really, is to ensure the content is engaging for its audience and in line with the client’s tone of voice, and then cross reference the technical points. When we get the predictions exactly right, it’s all the more satisfying.

Cheadle Hulme School – celebrating student success (Miranda)

Not all copy is about selling. Our agency receives briefs on a daily basis with much wider objectives – from increasing brand awareness to boosting search engine rankings. However, I hadn’t yet had the chance to write content with the aim to celebrate before. So finding this very brief land in my inbox was a welcome surprise.

The pupils who’ve enrolled at Cheadle Hulme School over the years don’t simply get their qualifications and leave the memories behind. They build a community – one which is incredibly diverse. So it’s no wonder they want to celebrate this, along with their ‘Old Waconian’ achievements, interests and individual stories.

Writing such unique narratives is what made this project so pivotal this year. I was creating content that captured a range of characters, with tales involving joining the Royal Air Force in World War II and a career in professional women’s cricket.

I greeted the challenge of putting these accounts into concise, captivating content. The variance in personalities allowed me to take a rare opportunity to put the person at the heart of the copy, rather than the business or organisation.

Silven Recruitment – a bespoke brand MOT (Kelly)

These days I rarely write. Instead, I spend my time making sure that the content we produce makes a real impact for our clients. The best way to do that, we’ve found, is by starting the process with a workshop. This allows us to get under the hood of a business, to understand what they do, how they do it, who they help and why they’re best in class within their sector.

Last month, I spent a day with the team of a food manufacturing recruitment business. Over the course of several sessions, it became apparent why some of the leading food manufacturers choose them over the reams of other recruiters operating in the same space. What’s interesting is that very little of this was apparent on their existing website – and even more interestingly, their previous marketing agency hadn’t even bothered to find this out. In fact, most of the content they were pushing out was about hospitality news – something totally irrelevant to our client and the audiences they look to connect with.

As a result of the workshop, we were able to pull together a comprehensive brand positioning document, giving the client guidelines they can use internally as well as providing a clear benchmark for the marketing we’ll be helping them with over the coming months. We can’t wait to get started!

Cheadle Hulme School – a love letter to philanthropy (Josh)

Now and then, we’re given a project with a great social dimension – something that chimes with my own sense of fairness and opportunity. Cheadle Hulme School is a levelling force for British education. Each year, they hand a bursary to underprivileged students, but with their Amazing Campaign, the stakes were raised quite spectacularly.

£1.4 million is set to be granted over five years to pupils who really deserve it. I was asked to write a number of letters for several audiences (from parents through to former students) on why a donation can change a young life forever. I also wrote a landing page, condensing the mission to its bare essentials.

This was about more than fulfilling a brief. It was about equality, poverty, and shiny-eyed optimism. I’m glad that my writing is hitting the desks and laps of those who can make a difference.

Qwell – wellbeing in a blog (Lucy)

Even though I’ve only been here for just over a month, I’ve worked on a variety of projects for many clients. A favourite so far has to be Qwell. As they’re relatively new, I have enjoyed getting to know them and their tone of voice at the same rate as everyone else. They’re not a client that’s been around for years, so my learning curve is just as steep as the rest of the team. I am also really interested in the topics at hand, which makes editing the work much easier.

Qwell offer advice and support so the tone has to be empathetic and understanding – yet informative. As an editor, I have to ensure that the information supplied is not only factual but personable, written in a way that those in need will appreciate. I’m proud to shape information that could help anyone in a difficult time.

I enjoy working with Sam and view the finished article as a joint piece of work. So far, Qwell has been really pleased with us, and this is something I hope to continue in the future.

Online Pharmacy – the science of mental health (Sam)

It’s weird – when we think of antidepressants, we don’t really pay much attention to what the drug is doing. We know antibiotics destroy bacteria and the jabs we take before going on holiday are little bits of disease that train our body to reject a full strain later on. But I had no idea how antidepressants address anxiety or extreme sadness.

It’s exciting (I think) to write about an issue which is currently such a huge talking point. 30 years ago, none of the science I’m writing about would be of interest to anyone. It’s not creative per se, but it’s important – I like the feeling that describing medication’s impact on the brain provides a sense of relief to its reader.

As a writer, I feel particularly proud to write this kind of content. It feels like we’re not only supporting the aims of the client, but also contributing to a global conversation. In my opinion, clients like these make copywriters a tool for progressive discussion and ideas.

The Manufacturing Institute – a Framework for Excellence (Helen)

I’ve been working with The Manufacturing Institute, managing their social accounts for the best part of a year now. March saw them stage their own Framework for Excellence Conference, with over 100 delegates from manufacturing businesses all over the UK in attendance.

It was great to work with The Manufacturing Institute’s team on building a campaign to support the event. This included managing the ad budget for Facebook and LinkedIn to generate ticket sales and awareness, interviewing distinguished keynote speakers for marketing collateral and creating content in the run up to the conference. It was rounded off by providing live coverage of the event and posting highlights across the organisation’s social channels.

The opportunity to support an ongoing client and contribute to making their event a complete success was very rewarding for me. It’s satisfying to add value for a client wherever possible.


As the breadth and depth of our client base continues to grow, it’s set to be a white-hot summer for Making You Content. Curious to work with a marketing agency that can put the same passion into your business? Speak to a member of the team and, if you like, ask us what else has pushed our skill set recently. We’re more than happy to share and explain how we’re evolving.

Words by Kelly


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