Tuesday 24th July 2018

How To Produce A Great Event Write-Up

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Running an event is a tried and tested way to create a real buzz around your brand. But in order to make the occasion one that attendees won’t forget, it pays to follow up with a specially written article.

A roundup will immortalise your event, allowing guests to relive the experience and encouraging others to head down next time you play host.

Here are a few tips on how to plan and produce a winning event write-up.

Build the anticipation 

Generating material surrounding your event will cement your status as a well-organised, enthusiastic brand that wants to get people involved. So before the big day, it’s worth creating a build-up piece that creates a sense of anticipation.

Include what’s going to be on the agenda, as well as who might be in attendance. Not only can this work wonders for boosting numbers; it’ll give you some good content to distribute across your social channels.

If you’re making event write-ups a regular thing, be sure to tease the reader with a hint of what’s due to be included in the next edition. This way, they’ll keep coming back.

Take good notes

This is key.

In order to accurately describe your event as it happened – be it a networking occasion, a roundtable or a workshop – you’ll need some excellent notes to refer back to when it comes to do the writing.

No two events are ever exactly the same, so be sure to focus on the small things as well as the big picture. What were the most interesting discussion points? What did guests enjoy the most? What are the best words you could use to describe the scene and atmosphere?

A video recording makes referring back to the event a million times easier, while providing you with great footage to edit down for social media. Be sure to grab plenty of pictures, too! Every great write-up needs images alongside it, after all…

Capture the magic  

Event write-ups can take various forms, but a solid, readable structure starts with a punchy summary, before going through the occasion in a chronological order.

Use your notes to see if there are any recurring themes, and choose an angle that can function as the spine of your piece.

Always let your enthusiasm shine through at every stage. You want to make readers wish they’d been there – and conjure up their excitement for the next one.

Choose a pro to do the work

As much as you might want to shout about your event to all your contacts, the chances of you finding time to do it are remote.

That’s why we’re here. Making You Content are a copywriting agency with extensive experience in event writing, and we know exactly what it takes to craft an authentic piece that makes people feel as though they’re right there in the room.

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