How To Boost Your Newsletter Engagement Rates

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Brevity is the hallmark of writing that sticks in our minds. This is especially true for newsletters, which should peel your business down to its loudest, most succinct voice. Yet an overly self-serving newsletter with an A-B-C writing style won’t garner any favours either. People should actively look forward to your emails landing in their inbox.

Our copywriters regularly tackle the humble newsletter, which, if you really want to make a splash with your contacts, isn’t so humble at all. Let us show you how we approach them:

An original subject line

Consider for a moment how many emails the average professional has to contend with day-in, day-out. A great way to stand out from the rest is coming up with a catchy, engaging subject line. ‘April newsletter’ or ‘Our latest developments’ isn’t going to cut the proverbial mustard.

Instead, use wordplay: try a teasing question (‘Do you want to hear a marketing secret?’ for instance) or a phrase that encapsulates what the body of the email is saying without dipping into sales-driven overtones.

Anything that forces the recipient’s brain to ponder instead of switching to auto-pilot is beneficial. Imagine it to be the opening line of a conversation – if you fluff it, first impressions can nosedive quite swiftly.

Lend some real advice 

Email marketing, admittedly, does imply that your contacts should expect promotional offers, business-related updates and a general sense that you’re pretty incredible. However, too much sales patter, and people won’t want to stay in the loop.

Your newsletter should focus on sharing expertise. Subscribers seek a slice of insight, a brief reminder of why they agreed to share their email address in the first place. If you can give it to them, the sales funnel will tighten on their buying instincts.

By detailing just enough to get someone’s thoughts racing, whilst retaining the lion’s share of your thoughts and analysis, they’ll be dying to ask you for more detail.

Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise!

Some months it can seem like you’re clutching at straws in the search for news-worthy updates. Others, your buses all come at once. In the latter scenario, it’s a good idea to pick out the top stories; overloading your newsletter will take the spotlight off star events.

Start with the most important point, and work down to two or three more in succession. Instead of cramming your emails with information, provide links that allow readers to satisfy their curiosity further; soon enough, they’ll be delving into your website if they’re given a push to root around it.

Newsletters don’t have to be a dry, crusty affair. The greater amount of dynamism you can ply into the body of your emails, the lower your odds of it being skipped over. By offering genuine value to the reader in every newsletter, your audience will begin to see you as a highlight of their inbox, which is no mean feat!

Our copywriting services are ideal for sharpening up your newsletter strategy, so contact our team for intelligent, adaptable email marketing content.

Words by Kelly


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