Are Whitepapers Worth It? 3 Ways They Engage Your Audience

Pulling a winning content strategy out the bag means incorporating a range of formats. Increasingly, that means including whitepapers – the hefty but impactful content medium that allows B2Bs to level up their lead gen.

But what exactly makes whitepapers worth the investment? We’ve outlined why they’re so pivotal to marketing to your ideal audience – no matter which stage of the buying journey they’re at. 

Target the top 

The awareness stage. This end of the sales funnel is all about lead generation, so a whitepaper targeting audiences here should be created for those who are interested in a subject or industry but not yet aware of your product or services. 

Whitepapers are typically packed with industry insight and plenty of valuable data. As a result, you’re tapping into a potential new prospect by providing them with an informative read – all the while gently introducing your brand. 

Meet your mid-funnel 

Your prospects are aware of your brand and moving closer to purchasing your product or service. But at this stage, they need more detail. A whitepaper positioned towards the middle of your funnel educates and nurtures this audience. 

By offering prospects a chance to not only learn about your business, but discover new and valuable information that benefits them, you’ll make your brand stand out from the crowd. A niche title and writing that aids their research and decision-making is the aim of the game. 

Break through to the bottom

A fair amount of energy has been put into helping your prospects reach this part of the sales funnel, so now is not the time to fall short. Here it’s all about making your brand shine as you look to convert prospects into customers.  

Take the opportunity to outsmart your competitors with a whitepaper that packs a punch, highlighting that you’re an industry voice worth listening to. You might combine your own extensive research with quotes from thought leaders to prove the reader can trust you, and perhaps include a bigger spotlight on your product or service to encourage them over the line.

Build your own whitepaper campaign

While a whitepaper that’s worth the paper it’s written on can’t be made overnight, the rewards will make the effort more than worth it. And if you give it the attention it deserves, it’ll become an invaluable part of your marketing mix. 

So, where to begin? We’re glad you asked. We’ve pulled together a handy guide on planning, creating and promoting a whitepaper. Download now to get started.

Words by Kelly


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