A Well That’s Never Dry: Finding Inspiration For Blog Ideas

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As a leading copywriting agency in Manchester, we know a thing or three about sourcing ideas for a blog post. Inspiration can strike us from anywhere, like a bolt of syntax-laden lightning: new media, new ideas, one experience opposing another… the world is an oyster that’s full of pearls of wisdom, wherever we look.

Blogging is crucial for engaging prospects and ramping up your SEO efforts, but it can be difficult to maintain momentum as a marketing manager or business owner. So if you’re struggling for inspiration, let us impart some wisdom of our own for making your content consistently sing:

Be a news hound

Human beings are marvellous consumers of information, even more so in the digital age. Industry events are begging to be recognised and debated on a daily basis; opinion, analysis and breaking stories flash past us the instant they happen.

Prove your credentials: step up to the plate, and give a response to a recent development in your line of work. Potential customers will respond kindly to your viewpoint if it’s concise and well-informed, setting out your stall as a thought leader in the industry.

Share your news

Your business is perhaps the most brilliant thing you can discuss, so don’t be afraid to shout about it. Life may be moving at a million miles an hour, but take the time to reflect on what’s been happening to build interest in your brand that turns customers into fans.

Tease new products, exciting offers, or events on the horizon, to create a community of engaged followers. With a dash of good writing, you can take a reader along at your pace, whetting their appetite for your products and services.

Find a new angle

Once you’ve written a piece, don’t just leave that topic to gather digital dust. Every now and then, it’s useful to read back over your posts and respond to them anew. Your opinion may have changed, or you might have been privy to events that have shed new light on a subject.

Apart from mining insight, it helps link-building if you refer directly back to a previous topic. You might also find that a point you dedicated a paragraph to in one article could be worthy of greater focus in a new blog post.

An outside eye

Running a business can be very insular: you’re relying on your gut instinct most of the time, which is great, but tunnel vision can easily seep in out of nowhere. You might struggle to find the time to write, or determine what an outsider would find interesting.

Hiring a creative copywriting agency will take the burden off your shoulders and inject your blog with new life. Through close collaboration, a blogging service like ours can bring a fresh perspective to your blog, drawing on years of experience and a well of ideas that’s never dry.

Sound good? We have plenty more tricks up our sleeve to bring your content out of the quagmire, and into glorious new pastures. Get in touch to start brainstorming blog ideas today, to discover how our professional bloggers could give your content strategy a boost.

Words by Kelly


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