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Rhea Wimpenny


Rhea Wimpenny – ResponseTap

“The team at Making You Content have picked up our business and product messaging really quickly, so copy comes back ready-to-go on pretty much every job.”

We provide retailers with fun, informative and, most importantly, targeted product descriptions – painting a picture that will make your products jump off the page. Your customers may not be able to try on your clothes or read the back of your gadget’s box, but well-written descriptions can provide everything they need to know to make a decision – and give that extra push towards a purchase!

Tangible product description copywriting

We understand ecommerce copywriting. Our results-driven product descriptions help to boost SEO, whilst giving your brand a personality that inspires loyalty. We’ll bring bland product information to life.

Whether you’re a small but successful startup or a major online retailer looking to outsource your copywriting requirements, we’re here to help. Our team of writers capture the essence of your brand with a consistent approach, yet they also ensure every product description is totally unique.

Fancy a chat to see if we could make your sales soar? Get in touch to discuss your requirements!


1. Strategy

You can’t rely on scattergun content to get you results. Take a tactical approach towards your marketing with MYC and create the kind of content that your audience is actually looking for.

3. Distribution

How do you plan on pushing your content out to the wider world? MYC determine the most effective method of distribution for visibility, interaction and, most importantly of all, conversion.

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