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Terrific content marketing is all about direction. Whether you’re just starting out as a business or are an established force in the market, our workshops can steer your brand onto an exciting new track – projecting a powerful message that resonates with a wider audience.

Bespoke content marketing workshops

Making You Content can help you crystallise your brand message and create a marketing plan that works. Our bespoke content marketing workshops allow you to align marketing to your wider business goals, identify your target audience, and determine the best way in which to communicate.

Our workshops are fluid and tailored to the client in question. However, a typical session will involve an exploration of success factors, challenges and opportunities, your target audience, and your tone of voice. We can even include calendar mapping and strategy planning if you need it.

We understand every client is different. While we adjust the structure of our workshops in each unique scenario, the end result is always the same. Every business emerges from the session with a clearer idea of how to brand their product or service successfully.

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