Why You Should Invest In Business Brochures

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Business brochures may seem like something of the past, but we can’t help but disagree. Our copywriting agency continuously receives requests to write content for these classic marketing materials.

The reason people often look upon a brochure with scrutiny is because they generally come in the form of print. And of course: print is dead. Isn’t it?

We certainly do not think so. We’re telling you today not only why print is highly valuable, but why business brochures in particular are more than worth your investment.

Print is a physical reminder

With emails and social media particularly, your brand messages are one of many amongst the swarming traffic. Unless you focus on lead generation and nurturing, often your marketing won’t leave much of an impression, and no action will be taken by your audience. Findings of the Direct Marketing Association are a perfect example of this: 79% of consumers said they would act on direct mail straightaway, in contrast to the 45% who would deal with an email instantly.

Print is a highly visible, physical reminder that your brand is there. Business brochures can be displayed, and people instantly gravitate towards them. They can contain quite a lot of content, but that is why people read them; a brochure tells them everything they need to know about a business’ services or products, and they can always refer back to it.

Its use as part of an integrated marketing campaign

The best marketing campaigns are often delivered via multiple channels. You could be sending out an email, then a brochure, then giving your prospects a call directly. The email may be ignored, but this is a lot less likely when followed up with a brochure. It is easier to recall one advert when presented with another, making print a perfect addition to your cross-marketing campaign.

You need to inform potential customers of your product or services in the most memorable way if you want to move them further down the sales funnel. Print can be particularly valuable if you are introducing your brand to those who do not know it yet – giving you the opportunity to be creative and express the business’ personality.

Not everyone is online all the time

Although it feels like everyone is constantly connected to the internet, this isn’t true. It’s well known that the older generation are more likely to prefer reading print, as it’s what they are most familiar with.

Even the younger generation go offline sometimes. Being connected constantly can be stressful, and disconnecting from technology for a while is a great way to alleviate this pressure. Whilst any online messages will disappear the moment the person unplugs, your printed material will always be there.

Technology also isn’t needed for everything we do. Take networking, for example. Although many bring a device along, this doesn’t stop anyone from handing out business cards. It only takes a second, and allows prospective clients or partners to find out a bit more about your brand through how it presents itself.

In case you meet someone who’d like to find out more about your business, why not bring along a brochure too?

Creating a business brochure that stands out

Deciding all the features of a brochure can feel a bit overwhelming.

We have a variety of tips on how to ensure your business brochures get the attention they deserve, but as a basis, try to ensure the content gets to the point, whilst still engaging the reader and managing to generate those all-important leads.

On top of this, design is key: there will need to be plenty of images, and it should be presented in a clear and easy-to-read layout, with your brand shining through both the design and content.

Want our content agency to work our brochure writing magic and make your copy jump off the page? Get in touch with us to discuss your vision.

Words by Kelly


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