Why You Need To Start Your Christmas Marketing Now

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It’s peculiar, isn’t it? Pretty much everybody scoffs when Christmas promotions appear way ahead of schedule, but festive adverts always pop up in Autumn nonetheless. What does this tell you? Despite all the vitriol directed towards overeager Christmas marketing, the truth is, it works. Companies that put their Santa hats on now end up reaping the rewards a little later – and it’s something you really need to consider yourself.

Throwing on your festive attire at this time of year will be a big step out of your comfort zone, but venturing away from the safe and familiar is what marketing is all about! Here are just a few reasons why you need to begin embracing the winter holidays much earlier than normal in 2017.

The big boys are already at it

Following the crowd isn’t always the best course of action. Remember the hypothetical your mother always used to tell you? Would you jump off a cliff just because somebody else did? Ordinarily, no. But in the case of Christmas marketing, it’s actually in your best interests to take the leap.

If you want to rub shoulders with the big boys in business, you need to start pushing your festive-themed messages, services and products now or risk getting left behind. They’re all already at it, and you need to get involved as soon as possible in order to remain competitive.

You can never have too much time on your hands

We don’t need to tell you how busy Christmas time is. You’ll be juggling a blur of baubles and spinning countless winter-patterned plates as it is. With everything that’s going on, it’s actually the worst possible time to begin setting up a marketing strategy.

The solution is a simple one, though: get going now instead. Determining your festive branding tactics is a long, drawn-out process, and you can never have too much time on your hands. In fact, the more, the merrier.

Copy comes first

When it comes to marketing, copy typically tends to be the first link in the chain. It might feel a little weird scribbling about Santa Claus, reindeers and snowy showers when the ice cream van’s jingle is ringing around outside. But once the copy is complete, you can then progress to design work and eventually move onto print and the final product. In doing so, you can ensure that there are no delays to your festival schedule.

Making You Content at Christmas 

If you can’t seem to put yourself into the Christmas mind-set just yet, we don’t blame you. It’s no easy task. Besides, don’t you want to be enjoying the back-end of summer, anyway? Of course you do – so get us to do all your festive writing for you. We have costumes in our copy wardrobe for every single season, and we’re ready to slip them on at a moment’s notice whenever they’re required.

Making You Content can give you the best present of all this Christmas – a beautifully gift-wrapped box of pure quality copy. If you want to get started on your festive season branding and need some support to kick you off, get in touch on 0161 609 206 or [email protected]. Just four months to go now…

Words by Kelly


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