“Why Should I Care?” How To Stay Relevant To Your Audience

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There are enough blogs, news stories and personal opinions out there to last us a lifetime, if we choose to find them. But that last part is crucial. People choose to look for things that interest them. They engage with content and brands that speak to their needs and desires.

As a business, you must recognise that the art of persuasion is never just ‘sell, sell, sell’. It’s far too blunt, and won’t bring you the results you’re looking for.

Instead, focus on why an audience should care about you. Master this, and you’ll be rewarded with an audience that keeps coming back for more. Here’s how:

Encourage loyalty through language

The internet is a vast place. There are millions of voices touting their own value and brilliance. To stand out, you must be generous – think about how you can help, educate or inspire, beyond a direct sales offer.

Effective web copywriting is subtle. It doesn’t push your service or product in every other sentence. But it also knows what matters in a given industry. The best blogs, pages and profiles have a relevant opinion or fact to share – and they do so without beating us on the nose with a sales message.

Think about the content you love to read. Is it creative? Contemporary? Enlightening? Chances are that the value proposition beneath it (how the company can help you) comes in at the end or is more indirect. We have to give a reason for people to trust us before they buy.

Like and trust are often synonymous. And when this is built on an awareness of trends and events in a sector, you’ll boost loyalty amongst your readers – and they’ll keep coming back.

What does relevant content look like?

Here’s a few content ideas that’ll keep you on the edge of innovation…

  • An industry magazine, either online or in print. The latter still has plenty of appeal – novelty is a powerful engagement technique.
  • A whitepaper drawing on your own or industry research. This places you at the heart of an issue.
  • LinkedIn posts that ask a question, or share an observation, to start a conversation in your network.
  • Frequent blogs on market news and developments, key trends, new technology and more.
  • Guides that answer your audience’s questions and concerns in depth.

People are becoming immune to big, flashy sales messages. They’ve had their fill. But equally, they’re seeing more creative content hit their screens. To capture their imagination, it’s worth partnering with a copywriting agency that can bring strategic thinking to your marketing and take the burden away from executing your plans.

That’s us. Speak to our team to explore how we can help your brand stay relevant.

Words by Kelly


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