The Projects Of 2022 That Made Us Content

Constant change and disruption was a staple of 2022, and marketers needed to be more agile than ever. Thankfully, this is what we do best here at MYC. As well as reacting to news and events, we’re also quick to help our clients grow and evolve through content that makes a real impact.

In fact, this is part of what makes the projects we work on so exciting. And this year’s were no exception – although there were too many to mention, we’ve picked just a few client collaborations that we enjoyed working on in 2022.

Spotlighting startups that are on the rise – Capsule (Lucinda)

During our annual team day back in May, we noticed that many of our favourite clients and projects revolved around new brands. And this year, we’ve been working with Capsule, an insurance provider that focuses on a similar audience: high-growth, venture-backed startups and scale-ups.

With our content support, Capsule launched a series of blogs that threw the spotlight on startups that have recently secured funding. Each month, we were tasked with taking a list of brands making moves in their respective spaces and providing a short summary of them – as well as who has given them financial backing and what they plan to do with the investment. 

Called ‘On The Rise’, every piece in the series celebrates a range of innovative ideas – from CBD period products to online speech and language therapy. It has been incredibly interesting to write all about the businesses that are only just getting started, but might just become household names in the near future.

Cool content for a savvy startup – Frost (Ria)

On the subject of startups, part of what we admire about them is how they’re making the world a better place through innovation. And for me, one particular client that stands out is Frost.

Frost is a fintech company that’s created a banking app to help users manage their money, reduce their bills, and get real-time spending insights – something that’s incredibly crucial right now. It’s been exciting to help them establish an unmistakable tone of voice through web copy, social media posts, email campaigns and newsletters that have really put their brand on the map.

One of my favourite things about Frost is how they’re so on the money (pun intended) when it comes to knowing what people want from their banking app. And they’re always a joy to collaborate with. They know where they want to go, and how they want to get there. Better yet, they give you the freedom to have fun with their content – every editor’s dream!

Driving home the potential of connected vehicle data – Wejo (Dale)

A startup truly making waves is software-as-a-service provider Wejo. They analyse autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data to create real-time insights for public and private organisations – all with the aim of ensuring safer roads, cleaner air, easier journeys, and healthier returns for investors.

The potential of their solutions is huge, and so is the range of sectors they serve. Naturally, this requires all manner of marketing content to showcase their value. From delivering daily social copy to creating ad hoc eBooks, event materials, video scripts and more (including articles for their recent Infrastructure Bill hub), there’s certainly never a dull day on the Wejo account.

Getting stuck into this dense subject matter has been challenging, engaging, exciting, and the rest – launching me right out of my comfort zone. It’s really turned the ‘every day is a school day’ cliché into a reality for me. Here’s to plenty more content that helps bring Wejo’s solutions to the organisations that can use them to make a real-world impact.

Inspiring athletes with purposeful product descriptions – Castore (Sophie)

Of course, not all our favourite projects involve B2B clients – we’ve also won some interesting B2C work over the last year. This includes Castore, a premium sportswear brand designed for high-performance athletes. Using technologically advanced fabrics, they’re optimising the way we move – creating high-quality, multi-functional garments that give athletes of all abilities the freedom and confidence to push themselves.

Castore is currently in the process of launching new collections on their eCommerce website – and it was our job to create the product descriptions for each item. The team wanted to inject more life into every description, allowing people to easily envision themselves in the gym, on the running track, or even just donning their gear for everyday wear.

We helped Castore nail a fresh tone of voice for each collection, successfully reinvigorating their website content while ensuring that, even though there were literally hundreds of descriptions to write, we used it consistently throughout. It’s been really fun putting ourselves in the shoes (or trainers, I should say) of the Castore customer – as well as having the chance to write for leading names like Red Bull and McLaren.

Adapting to never-ending change – Workwell (Helen)

Aside from startups, we also help fast-evolving brands keep up with the pace of change – something that contractor accountancy and payroll solutions provider Workwell has experienced a lot of. We had been working with Workwell’s predecessors, Workr and Easypay, for some time. So, when the companies were acquired into JSA and rebranded to Workwell, it was a great opportunity to support the main brand. I now work on Workwell’s LinkedIn page, as well as spotlight pages and personal profiles. In addition, I’m looking after the Eden and Evertime social accounts (which are part of the wider company). 

Workwell is a large business within the recruitment space, and their team members are spread across the UK in different business units. I really admire that they have a strong culture that hasn’t been sacrificed by size – their people team has been in place almost a year and it’s great to see the benefits that this brings to their employees. 

I also enjoy following industry news and updates to ensure timely and accurate content, particularly in regard to IR35. There was a period of about a month following the fallout from Liz Truss’ Budget where everything I’d write on the day was accurate, but the next day something had changed and it would all need to be updated. It’s safe to say it has kept me on my toes!

Interviewing the stars – Cheadle Hulme School (Miranda)

Remember those pop star interviews in the likes of Smash Hits (RIP) back in the late 90s and early 00s? Well, that’s what this specific brief for Cheadle Hulme School reminded me of. The private school came to us with a request to interview a few of their alumni for their Old Waconian Magazine. From here, I’d then write up feature pieces of their story and how the school helped them in their career and life.

I ended up talking to a digital specialist who’s shaping the future for working mums in tech, an entrepreneur who started exporting and importing in his teens, and a lawyer-turned-scriptwriter who writes for none other than Coronation Street.

It was a joy from start to finish. Unravelling their stories, and the bumps and hurdles along the way. Reliving nine-year-old me’s dream of writing interviews like those in Top of The Pops Magazine (also RIP). And obviously getting to discover a bit about the process behind one of my favourite soaps. Some say the magazine industry is dying, but I think this project proved precisely why it’s still an effective form of content.

A helping hand – Barnabus (Courtenay) 

Over the years, we’ve been supporting Manchester-based homeless charity Barnabus. Our help has ranged from regular volunteering sessions at their drop-in centre to aiding them with their content requirements. Our director even assisted their rebrand with a workshop that helped define their mission, vision, values, and tone of voice. So, when they were looking to revamp their website in line with this, it made sense for us to get involved. 

We refreshed all their web copy, ensuring it’s concise and perfectly in line with their new brand voice. The site is set to go live early next year, so be sure to watch this space (or their socials) for updates! We’re looking forward to sharing what we’ve been working on, so you can see this exciting project in action.

Until then, you can support Barnabus by volunteering, fundraising, or donating – all particularly crucial at this time of year when those without a proper home rely on the work of charities. 

Looking to 2023

As times continue to evolve, we’ll remain focused on supporting our clients in 2023 – whether they’re fast-growth startups or established organisations that need to adapt to constantly changing surroundings. We can’t wait to play a role in their journey.

Need content support now, or in the year ahead? Get in touch with our team.

Words by Kelly


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