Tag, You’re It!: Tips For Tagline Success


Can you sum up your business in six words or less? While blogs, email marketing and inspiring web descriptions are vital for getting an audience on your side, nothing can be as synonymous with your brand as a tagline.

Just a few words can capture everything you stand for. Taglines, being so economic, are very hard to get right – unless, that is, you have a bunch of award-winning copywriters to tell you what’s right, and where you might be going wrong, in creating them…

Surmise your point of difference

Our first tip revolves around the literal meaning you’re trying to convey. Taglines are not a label: they should get to the heart of your work, as opposed to just listing what you do.

Are you especially fast at delivering a service? Do you make people comfortable, or do you challenge them? What would the abiding characteristic be, if someone was able to pick your brand out from strangers in a room?

These questions should drive the tagline content, answering not ‘how is this done?’, but ‘why should I care?’ If your taglines centre on that point of difference, instead of a mere function to fulfil, then people can see themselves reflected in those words.

Use puns or wordplay if you can

Obviously, don’t throw out frivolous phrasing where it isn’t appropriate. A business in an industry that requires professionalism and/or discretion won’t want to trivialise a serious issue.

Yet, when you hit the mark in the right context, it’s a fantastic means to make your tagline memorable. A cake maker, for instance, could claim they’re ‘raising the game for cake making’; on the other hand, an IT service will seem less stuffy if they manage to stretch their alliterative skills, ‘turning tough tech into a treat’.

These are hypothetical: the tagline will be as unique as your business, and you’ll probably have more than one to run with for a jollier tone. But hopefully this demonstrates how, for certain businesses, wordplay can inject personality into your brand.

Consider doubling up

Not all businesses are as straightforward as a bakery. If you have a multi-faceted product range or service offering – for example, supporting both businesses and consumers – you might find that one tagline simply doesn’t cut the mustard.

It’s okay to develop more than one phrase, but try to identify a primary tagline that can be used for top level marketing. This will give you the brand strength you need when establishing your business, combined with the flexibility to use supporting taglines when diving into more targeted marketing campaigns.

Hopefully, our tips are starting to get your creative juices flowing. But these are just a few starters for ten. If you’re struggling to find the right words to sum up your brand, our talented team of Manchester copywriters are here to help. To enlist our support, contact Making You Content today – we love putting ourselves to the tagline challenge!

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