So, You Want To Sound “Cool”?

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We all have different ideas of what it means to be “cool” – be it in terms of fashion, style or even personality.

But a cool demeanour, on the other hand, is identifiable from afar.

Generally, we consider anyone who oozes an effortless sense of confidence and uniqueness to be cool – and your marketing must mirror their disposition.

“Cool” writing has to look and feel natural. This isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. That’s why you need a pro helping you pick the words that make your company come across as casual.

Let us show you what we mean…

When does being “cool” work? 

Arguably, the most attractive brands are perpetually “cool”. But there is such a thing is trying too hard.

Requests for “cool” copy tend to come from startups or businesses pitching products to the younger crowd. If you’re trying to sell to the latest generation, the best way to do so is to act like you’re “one of them”.

But a single misstep here can lead to disaster. There’s no bigger turn-off for these customers than a brand that smacks of desperation. Here’s an example of what can go wrong when you try to write “cool” copy:

We’re a chilled bunch here at Super Cars. So why not give us a bell? Cruise on down and say hey.

Not good, is it? Try too hard, and you end up looking as edgy as your dad wearing a backwards cap with the words “Peace Out” etched across the front.

No brand wants to look like that.

It’s painfully obvious when brands attempt to force a “cool” demeanour. Restraint is necessary for the desired effect here. You need to let the writing speak for itself and employ relaxed, confident copy:

Your car’s here waiting. Come grab the keys when you can. We’ll have the kettle on.

Works much better, right?

The use of direct address actively engages the reader. The contractions and informal language (with care not to fall into cringe territory) take the tone of a friend you like and respect.

There’s no pressure here either; yet there’s still incentive for you to go and visit.

In a world full of cold callers and intense email marketing, “cool” copy such as this can come across as very refreshing.

Be cool. Help is here.

Whatever your “cool” criteria might be, you’ll find a lot to like about our team of copywriters here at MYC. We work with you in a relaxed, flexible way to find that tone of voice you’ve been searching for.

Want to start attracting trailblazers? Get in touch on 0161 660 9206 or email [email protected]. We’re based at Binks Building in Manchester’s Northern Quarter if you fancy popping in for a brew.

Words by Kelly


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