Should You Join MYC? An Insider’s Opinion…

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Want to know what a prospective employer is really like? Talk to the staff.

Hiring managers are experts at selling you the benefits of their company. But for true insight from the ground floor, your best bet is to speak to someone who’s been there, done that, got the business card.

I spent two-and-a-half years at MYC. They were just a twosome when I first started. By the time I left, the team was eight-strong. Having been there almost since the beginning, I’m in a great position to reveal what working at this writers’ room was really like.

Here’s my warts-and-all story…

Motivation for Mondays

“Let’s be honest, nobody really likes work, do they?”

I remember this quote as clear as day.

I was in Europe on a stag do – which was made up of a mishmash of friendship groups that’d been brought together purely for the occasion. We were all getting to know one another over a few beers, and when the conversation inevitably moved onto work, one of the lads came out with the soundbite above.

It was met with unanimous agreement. Work was an inconvenient but necessary chore.

This has been stuck to my memory ever since, because it made me feel like the odd-one-out. Unlike any of the other people at that table, I did enjoy my role. And it made me feel strangely smug.

Course, there were tougher days. But for the most part, MYC offered everything I could want in a job. It was challenging, stimulating, rewarding, and I was always learning as I went.

The atmosphere was always far from sales-focused, but at the same time, great results never went unnoticed. The best pieces of content were rewarded once a month – with the writer scooping a prize for their work.

MYC also recognise the importance of fuel for the engine – with the Head of Wellbeing (who has counselling experience if you ever need someone to talk to) making frequent visits to the local shop and returning with fruit, crisps and sweets to snack on throughout the day.

The motivational tools are all in place to give you a role you actually love.

Develop the skills you actually want to

 I didn’t think I liked schmoozing. I was a writer, after all. That’s what I did. I’d always prefer being in front of a computer screen than a group of business owners.

But MYC changed that. A few weeks into the role, I was asked if I fancied trying my hand at some networking events… but also assured I was under no obligation.

“Ah, why not,” I thought. “If I don’t like it, I just won’t do another one.”

By the time my final year rolled around, I was crafting presentations, making new contacts in networking circles, and hosting brand workshops. The business brought out skills in me I never knew I had.

My mindset has always been journalist-led, and MYC knew this. That’s why they encouraged me to fulfil my passion wherever possible – sending me out across the UK to cover events, interview people, and produce longform pieces upon a return to HQ.

 At MYC, you can learn what you want to learn – meaning you get the most of your role as you possibly can.

Unforgettable experiences

Most workplaces put on an event over Christmas. Maybe even throwing Secret Santa into the mix.

But MYC team socials are on another level. There are writers here who like to dissect their day over drinks at the pub. And there are others who’d rather leap into an activity.  Everyone’s tastes are catered for.

During my time at MYC, I flung darts at Flight Club, broke out of an escape room, explored an audio-visual otherworld at the Museum of Science & Industry, putted my way to victory at Junkyard Golf, guffawed at comedians at Frog & Bucket, fired shots at the undead in gaming bar N64, and treated my palate to a long list of culinary delights courtesy of the company card. The list goes on and on and on.

I was also given the incredible opportunity to volunteer at a homeless shelter – and subsequently run a 10k to raise funds for the charity. I’d always loved the idea of doing that. But MYC actually made it happen.

Togetherness in the team

 “You spend more time with work colleagues than you do your friends or your family. But probably all you have in common is the fact that you walk around on the same bit of carpet for eight hours a day.”

The Office was one of the first programmes to showcase the average workplace on television – and this was among its most relatable snippets of dialogue. You don’t choose your work colleagues; they’re strangers who you happen to share a room with, Monday to Friday.

 At least, that’s true of many workplaces. Hell, I’ve been in offices like that. There’s usually at least one person who you wouldn’t want to share the lift with.

But that was never the case at MYC. It always felt like hanging with family. Even on pressure-packed afternoons with deadlines looming, we’d find ways to make one another laugh. I made friends here for life. And you will, too.

MYC’s unique approach to recruitment – factoring personality and team-fit into every hire – means that everyone here is a good person, as well as a great writer. Dickheads don’t get in through the door at MYC. It’s as simple as that.

And that’s the lowdown. Have any more questions? The team will tell you everything you need to know about what it’s like working at MYC. Dial 0161 660 9206 or drop them a line on [email protected]. Similarly, I’ll always be happy to answer any questions – fire over your message to [email protected] and we can talk.

If you’ve decided you’re going for a role at MYC – good luck! Not that you’ll need it…

Words by Kelly


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