Preaching To Convert: The Power Of Lead Nurturing Content

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Like a flash of lightning before a thunder crack, prospects can take some time to evolve into a genuine force of nature. The internet conditions us to skim, analyse and flick between millions of potential answers to our questions. If you’re able to snare someone straight away, and then build upon their interest, a warm lead might very well turn into a scorcher before you know it.

This is the art of ‘lead nurturing’ – gradually adding more incentives to reel in a new customer. There are a couple of aspects to doing this well, so let’s see what they are:

Build up trust

The web can be an anonymous place, packed with sound-a-like language and vague claims about necessary solutions. Personality is the rock that a browser will grab onto when they come across your site; a great landing page, with bold and creative copy, is your first beacon to being a true, characterful expert in your field.

But it doesn’t end there. Lead nurturing content, such as a useful series of blogs, helps you evidence an awareness of industry trends, as well as throwing your own two cents in about what’s happening. It allows you to subtly market your business, becoming a thought leader they’ll return to for advice and comment.

Maximise conversion

Every component of a lead nurturing strategy – from regular blog posts to email marketing with genuine appeal – aims for conversion: the switch someone makes from a person of interest to a bonafide buyer. To help this realisation along, you should do all you can to entice them back.

Email marketing is the clincher here, turning a casual subscriber into a ‘friend’ of the business, one that certainly appreciates what you’re doing. An email copywriter can hone your marketing content and make it more than a standard run through your latest activity. Being topical, thought-provoking, and conversational is the best option, making leads feel like they’re the only person in your contacts list.

Include a clear call to action, and you’ll see those conversion rates soar. Remember – they’ve already agreed to give you their details. It must be for a reason.

Attracting repeat sales

Not every buyer will carry repeat business – at least, not unless you keep in touch. Customer loyalty is hard to crack, but once you find a groundswell of it, the going gets easier.

If your tone and style has enough chutzpah, people will make the effort to read your latest blog, browse your social media channels, or open that newsletter, giving you the opportunity to cross-sell, up-sell and attract multiple buys.

Lead nurturing, like a piece of art, requires a light touch. Come on too strong and you’ll lose whatever organic momentum you had. However, conversely, never resign yourself to defeat, because a cross-channel approach works a treat if you do it well.

To get those prospects on-track to your continued success, why not consider hiring a copywriting agency with the verve to conjure incredible web and email copy? Our way is with words, pure and simple. Get in touch to see how lead nurturing content could help you.

Words by Kelly


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