Online Content for E-Commerce: The Basics

E-commerce content strategy

Striving to create stimulating web content for your e-commerce business? Focus on the basics and reap the rewards!

With content strategy becoming ever more complex in the world of online business, it’s important to take a step back and remember that successful content marketing often requires a more straightforward approach.

To get you started, guest blogger Rob Watson has some simple but effective tips, to help you build the foundations for a lucrative content profile for your e-commerce business.

Know Your Client and Speak Their Language!

It’s crucial to establish and engage with your target audience. Identify your demographic, envisage the person behind the screen and adapt your content to appeal to them.

Capture their attention with punchy headers, adopt a formal but conversational tone, and reflect your brand persona throughout your site. Consistency is key; you don’t want your brand message to become confused.

Paint a (Literary!) Picture of Your Product

Effective product description is vital. In online retail there is only so much an image can do; your words will really help to give your customer a more tangible connection to a product. Leave no stone unturned, but keep it relevant. Make your words paint a thousand pictures.

Utilise keywords in your product descriptions, but be clever about it. Don’t overload your text with tons of uber-obvious keyword references, as this can be detrimental to reader engagement. Astute use of long-tail keywords can be just as effective for organic search rankings as paid search campaigns.

TIP – Lifting manufacturer copy for products or regurgitating what you see on a competitor’s site is a huge no-no. Google algorithms are very clever and will instantly spot duplicate content, which can cause your organic rankings to suffer. The more unique SEO copy created for your site, the higher your pages will rank.

Be Creative and Be Unique

Don’t be afraid to try something new to expand your audience. A blog can be a crucial tool for conveying your professional knowledge and reaching out to your customers via social media sharing. If you can approach your area of expertise from an interesting angle and get people talking, you’re onto a winner! Inventive and informative content on your website will work wonders for your SEO, so let your ideas run amok.

TIP – If you have the resources, an original ‘Power Page’ can drive huge traffic to your website. Build a static page on a new domain, and fill it with enlightening content on a specific topic, for example a ‘How-To…’ guide. One subtle backlink can give a great boost to the page authority of your primary website.

Trying to carve out that creative content niche? The team at Making You Content is brimming with ideas. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

Written by Rob Watson, Brand Manager at and

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